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It’s no secret that preparing kids to write is an important part of their early learning. Alphabet tracing sheets are a great way to help your kids practice the shapes of letters and improve their fine motor skills. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using an appropriate alphabet tracing sheet and some tips for choosing the right ones for your students.

the best alphabet tracing sheets for kids

How Do Alphabet Tracing Sheets Help Kids?

Fine motor skills: Tracing letters helps preschoolers develop the fine motor skills they need for writing, such as the ability to control their fingers and hands, as well as the ability to make small, precise movements. This is important for handwriting and other activities such as playing with small toys and eating with utensils.

Pencil grip: Tracing letters can help preschoolers practice and develop a proper pencil grip, which is essential for handwriting. A proper pencil grip helps prevent hand fatigue and pain, and it also helps to improve the accuracy and legibility of handwriting.

Hand-eye coordination: Tracing letters also helps preschoolers develop hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is the ability to coordinate the movements of the hands and eyes together. It is important for a variety of activities, including writing, playing sports, and using tools.

Letter recognition:  Letter tracing is a multi-sensory activity. When kids practice forming letters, they make connections in their brains that help them remember the shape of each letter. This will help them recognize letters when they see them in the future.

Letter sounds: Some alphabet tracing sheets include pictures of objects that start with the corresponding letter. This can help preschoolers learn the association between letters and sounds. This is an important foundation for learning to read.

A letter V alphabet tracing sheet - a simple abc letterworksheet for preschoolers.

Confidence and motivation: Tracing letters can be a fun and rewarding activity for preschoolers. When they see their own progress and improvement, they may feel proud of themselves and more certain of their abilities.

What to Consider When Selecting an Alphabet Tracing Sheet for Your Kids

There are many factors to consider when selecting an alphabet tracing sheet for your kids. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Find an Appropriate Level of Difficulty

You may find that your kids aren’t ready for tracing letters yet….and that’s okay. You can start to work on crayon or pencil control by using pre-writing line activities or simple mazes.

Don’t overwhelm your kids! When you kids are ready to trace letters. It is important to choose sheets that are appropriate for the child’s skill level. The last thing that you want to do is overwhelm them. Beginning writing activities should be fun. Don’t torture or overwhelm them with a letter tracing worksheet that is completely filled with letters for them to trace.

small alphabet tracing sheet for preschoolers - A simple letter H worksheet with uppercase and lowercase letters.

Also, consider the fact that some letters are easier to trace than others. The letter t is made of straight lines and is much easier to trace than the letter g, which contains curves and hooks.

While capital letters are easier to form, I believe that it is important to teach kids lowercase letters at the same time as teaching them uppercase letters.

What Type of Fonts Do You Want on Your Alphabet Tracing Activity?

There are many different fonts available for alphabet tracing sheets. Font preference varies from school district to school district and from country to country.

I prefer a simple primary font with many straight lines and a ball and bat “d” and “b”. Great fonts include KG Neatly Printed, KG Primary Penmanship, and KG Miss Kindergarten.

A Note About Formational Fonts

Do you know those letters with arrows and numbers that try to help kids learn how to form letters correctly? Those are called formational fonts. Some teachers love them. Ultimately, whether or not to use formational fonts is a matter of personal preference, but I do not like them. When teaching my son to trace letters, I found that all those arrows and numbers were a total distraction.

I want kids to focus on what’s important…..the letter. I want them to see the shape of the letter. I find that kids do struggle with where to start when forming a letter. A simple dot at the starting point serves as a simple visual cue to help them learn where to start. Then, you can teach your kids that letters are formed from the top down.

Letter t alphabet tracing sheet.  A simple printable with a  lowercase letter t on it shown with crayons.

Do You Want Pictures on Your Alphabet Tracing Activity?

Some alphabet tracing sheets include pictures of objects that start with the corresponding letter. This can help children learn the association between letters and sounds.

Now that you have some ideas about what to look for when selecting an alphabet tracing sheet for your kids, lets look at some different types of alphabet tracing sheets.

Letter Tracing Activity Mats

The letter tracing activity mats are a popular alphabet activity for young kids. They include a variety of ways to help kids trace letters and include a few pictures to help them learn letter sounds. There is a huge letter that kids can color, trace with their finger, or create with a coil of playdough.

alphabet activities and playdough mat - a alphabet tracing sheet for preschool and kindergarten

Then, there are a few opportunities to trace the uppercase and lowercase letter. Look at those dotted letters, do you see the dot indicating the starting point?. Anyway, there is just enough practice on these mats so that they won’t get bored.

Letter H alphabet tracing sheet - This printable alphabet sheet will help kids trace letters, form letters, recognize letters, and learn letter sounds.  Show with crayons.

If kids are ready for the challenge of forming letters independently, there is also some space for that.

Alphabet tracing sheet.  A letter d sheet has opportunities to trace a lowercase and uppercase letter d.  Shown with crayons.
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Letter Tracing Worksheets

The letter tracing worksheets are specifically designed to be fun and engaging for little learners. The worksheets each have a variety of activities to make them engaging for young kids.

alphabet activity coloring pages - An alphabet tracing worksheet for preschool and kindergarten.  The letter a sheet includes a large uppercase and lowercase letter, a picture of an apple, ax, and alligator, and some letter tracing opportunities.

The tracing worksheets include full and half-sheet printing options and include large letters that kids can color, fill with playdough, or trace with their fingers.

There are several images that will help kids learn letter sounds. They can color the images and can see the focus letter at the start of each word.

A small alphabet tracing sheets.  A letter "f" worksheet with pictures of a flag, fire, and a fish.  Uppercase and lowercase letters have been traced with a red crayon.

There are a few opportunities for tracing the uppercase and lowercase letters on the bottom of each worksheet.

Finally, there are a few hidden letters on each worksheet that your little detectives can try to find. Can you find the hidden letter w’s in the below photo?

Alphabet tracing sheet.  A letter "w" tracing sheet with a window, worm, and wagon pictured.  Uppercase and lowercase letters have been traced and the worksheet is shown with crayons.

Overall, the Alphabet Tracing Worksheets are a great resource for children who are learning the alphabet. They are a fun and engaging way for children to practice recognizing, tracing, and writing letters. Many teachers send them home as “homework” for their kids.

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Letter Tracing Strips

These letter tracing strips provide some simple letter tracing practice and won’t overwhelm kids. There are three font options so you can use whichever one works best for your kids All of the options include starting dots, include upper and lowercase letters, and have a small picture to help with letter sounds.

letter tracing activities to teach proper letter formation to preschoolers - simple alphabet tracing sheet for preschoolers.
  • Yellow letters – kids can trace over the yellow highlighted letters.
  • Outlined letters – kids can trace inside each letter
  • Dotted letters – If you are a traditionalist….this one’s for you.
Letter R alphabet tracing sheets.  A rainbow is pictured on the alphabet sheets beside uppercase and lowercase letters.  The sheets are shown with dry erase markers.
alphabet tracing cards
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Letter Tracing Cards

Do your kids need to practice with larger sized letters? These letter tracing cards were designed with salt trays in mind, but you can use them as large letter tracing sheets.

flower theme salt tray for preschoolers.  The pink cards are shown with a small salt tray - an example of alphabet tracing sheets or cards for kids.

The printables are super simple and include a starting dot, but there are no images to distract kids.

Letter I letter tracing sheets shown in a task box and with dry erase markers
alphabet tracing cards
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Mini Alphabet Tracing Sheets

When you see these little alphabet books, you may say, “Hey, those aren’t tracing sheets!”

Small printable alphabet books for each letter. This image features the covers of a letter P, D, and L book with the large letters on each cover colored in with crayons.

But hold, on…the books include a letter tracing page that gives young kids just the right amount of letter tracing practice. The little letter books are super simple to assemble, but if you don’t want to make books, you can just print off the letter tracing pages and use them as mini letter tracing worksheets.

Tracing letter practice with your little alphabet books.
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Name Tracing Sheets

The letters in a child’s name are the most exciting and important letters to them. Instead of a traditional letter tracing sheet, you can help kids learn letter formation using name-tracing cards.

Name tracing sheets shown with dry eraser markers. - an example of fun alphabet tracing activity sheets
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Additional Alphabet Tracing Sheets

Looking for even more ideas for alphabet tracing sheets for your kids? Here are some good examples that I found around the web.

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