Are You Looking for Fun Apple Science Activities for Preschoolers?


Sometimes it isn’t easy to find meaningful science activities that are age-appropriate for preschoolers. So today, I want to share ideas for apple science activities for preschoolers.

A Scientific Investigation for Preschoolers

Science for preschoolers doesn’t have to be difficult.

It is so much fun to conduct an investigation with young kids. You can conduct almost any kind of investigation. I’ve shared ideas for a plant investigation, a flower investigation, a pumpkin investigation, and the apple theme investigation below.

apple scientific investigation for preschoolers

What is an investigation? It’s a fun and exciting, hands-on way to help kids explore the world around them.

Kids can be scientists, and they will have so much fun when you add these apple science activities to your science center!

What’s This Apple Investigation All About?

The printables pictured below are part of my Apple Investigation resource, but you can do many of the activities on your own. During this apple investigation, kids will

  • examine and record the physical properties of various apples
  • learn about the parts of an apple
  • understand the life cycle of an apple
  • taste various types of apples and/or apple products

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for

  • meaningful literacy
  • counting, categorizing and math practice

Examine the Physical Properties of Apples

Pick up a few different kinds of apples from the grocery store, farmers market….or if you are lucky, from your backyard tree. Try to provide apples that are of different sizes and colors.

Each child can select an apple from a basket and conduct an investigation with that apple. To begin, they can examine the physical properties of their apple.

Scientists examine things so that they can sort and classify them. Guess what? Kids can do that too! There are so many ways to classify and sort apples. Here are a few.

Record the Appearance of the Apple


Kids can classify their apple by determining if it is a small, medium, or large apple.


Apples also vary in shape. Some are round; some are conical. Do they see a different shape?


Kids can record the color of their apples. Is the apple one color, or does it have more than one color?

Stem or No Stem?

Kids can note whether or not their apple has a stem. But, if it doesn’t have a stem, can they identify where the stem was?

apple science activities

Additional Characteristics

Kids can examine their apple to see if it is dull or shiny. Does it have speckles? Does it have any lines on it?

You can also provide many pictures of apples, and kids can classify and sort them in different ways.

Measuring The Apple

Another way that scientists study things is by measuring and collecting data. There are several ways to measure apples.


Provide some counting cubes for measuring. How many cubes tall is the apple? You can also provide a measuring strip to help kids measure the height of their apples.

measuring apples height


The circumference is the measurement around the apple. Kids can measure the circumference of their apple with a piece of yarn. They can wrap the yarn around the fattest part of the apple and then cut the yarn where it meets the beginning (they may need some help with this).

measure an apple's circumference with a ribbon

Encourage them to compare the circumference of their apple to that of a friend’s apple. Which has the largest circumference?

They can also measure their string with counting cubes or a measuring strip and even tape their string in their book to record their data.


Use a small kitchen scale to check and record the weight of each apple. Kids may also enjoy using a balance scale to compare the weight of the apple to other things.

measure an apple's weight for scientific investigation


Provide a container of water, and kids can determine if the apple sinks or floats. I always encourage them to use the scientific method and form a hypothesis before adding the apple to the water.

What do you think will happen when you put the apple in the container of water?…..and then Was your hypothesis correct?

apple science - measure the density of an apple.  Does it sink or float?

Sorting Appes

There are many different types of apples in the world. Kids can sort pictures of apples on sorting mats. How many different ways can they sort the pictures? Here are a few ideas:

  • by color
  • stems and no stems
  • leaves and no leaves
  • wet or dry
  • 1 color or mult-color

Can you think of additional ways to sort the apples?

Parts of an Apple

You can use diagrams or books to illustrate the different parts of an apple. Can you identify these parts on your apple?

You can help kids cut their apples open so that they can find the flesh and count the seeds. How many seeds did you find?

study the inside of an apple

You can collect some apple seeds so that kids can use them on counting mats. If you don’t have enough apple seeds, small dried beans make a great substitute.

Provide some apple parts on a tray (be sure to soak the flesh in lemon juice or soda pop to prevent browning). Kids can sort the different parts on a sorting mat.

sorting apple parts for an apple science investigation

Life Cycle of an Apple

Use books or images to show kids how apples are part of a life cycle.

My Apple Investigation resource includes an interactive life cycle chart to help illustrate the different parts of the apple life cycle.

The apple life cycle begins with an apple seed growing into a seedling and then a tree.

life cycle of an apple

The apple tree forms buds, which become blossoms, and the blossoms then form apples. Be sure to point out the blossom end of an apple to your kids. The seeds of an apple can then create another tree…..and the cycle continues.

Some kids may be shocked to know that apples grow on trees. If you can’t visit an apple orchard, you can go on a virtual field trip with your kids. Here are some apple videos that they may enjoy.

Apple Taste Test

One of the most exciting ways to investigate apples is by TASTE! There are many ways that you can conduct a taste test with your kids.

Taste Test Different Colors/Varieties of Apples

Some apples are tart and crisp, while others are sweet and soft. Select a few varieties of apples and let kids sample them. Do they taste different? Can you describe the difference? Which type of apple do you like the best? Which is your least favorite?

Taste Test Different Apple Foods

You can find various apple products like juice, apple chips, and apple sauce in the grocery store any time of year. During apple season, you will find additional items like apple cake, apple pie, apple crisp, apple muffins, etc. I’m making myself hungry as I type….ha. Select a few items and let kids conduct a fun taste test. Collect the data examine it at the end to determine the class favorite.

apple investigation - apple taste test

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