Bubble Painting Made Easy – The Best Art Activities for Kids


I love to get out bubble painting supplies for kids. Painting with bubbles is not only a FUN & EASY process art activity for young kids but you will literally be blown away by the gorgeous bubble art that your kids produce with this technique.

Bubble painting is a fun way to explore the science of air and colors while completing a great art project. Let’s take a look at all the tips, tricks, and ins and outs of bubble painting with your kids.

How to Paint with Bubbles - An image of a bubble painting over a printed name coloring sheet.  The page has the name 'Gracie" printed on it and blue, yellow, orange and purple bubble paint has been applied to the page.

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What Supplies Do I Need for Bubble Painting?

art activities for preschool:  How to paint with bubbles

To begin, you will need the following supplies:

  • Plastic cups, containers, or muffin pan to hold the paint mixture
  • Tempera paint in a variety of different colors
  • Liquid dish soap – I use Dawn, but any kind will work
  • Water
  • Straws (at least one per child)
  • A push pin
  • Paper (construction, card stock, watercolor paper)

Additional supplies for easy cleanup:

  • Plastic tablecloth or shower curtains to cover your table

You can find links for supplies at the bottom of this post.

What Kind of Paint Should I Use for Bubble Painting?

For this bubble painting activity, you can experiment with different types of paint. The most important thing to look for is non-toxic paint.

I’m going to show you how to prevent kids from sucking paint up into their mouths. But if you feel nervous about doing this activity with paint, you can use some drops of food coloring in your mixture instead.

I have found that a good tempera paint is the best. I stress the word GOOD, as not all tempera paints are created equally. I find that the “washable” tempera paints do not have a high concentration of pigment to create a product with brilliant colors. So, to get the best results with brighter colors, I always go for those bottles of tempera paint that are NOT labeled as “washable

Can I Use Acrylic Paint for My Bubble Painting Project?

Craft stores sell little bottles of acrylic paint in a wide variety of colors, and you may wonder if you can use it. Yes, you can—just make sure that it is non-toxic! I find that acrylic paint is a bit more difficult to clean up than tempera, so that’s something else to consider.

Can I use a liquid watercolor paint?

You can use liquid watercolor paint in your bubble solution, but I find that a good quality tempera will give you the most brilliant results.

how to prepare your straw for bubble painting art activity

Why Do I Need a Push Pin for This Project?

When you look at the supply list, you may be asking, “Why in the world do I need a push pin?” I like to poke a hole into the straws so that kids can’t drink the paint/bubble solution.  The hole will still allow them to blow bubbles, but it will be much more difficult for kids to suck up the solution.  If the thought of using tempera paint still worries you, you can do the activity with food coloring instead.

Tips for Easy Clean-Up

It’s a good idea to begin with the end in mind. Bubble painting can be a fun outdoor arts and crafts activity, but if you’re painting inside, one of the first things you want to do is cover your table before you start.

To make cleanup easier, cover your table with a plastic tablecloth or old shower curtains. I also like to have some paper towel roll on hand in case there is a spill.

How to Make the Bubble Painting Mixture

To make my paint solution, I added a squirt of paint to the bottom of a plastic container.  I then added a squirt of dish soap and filled the container with a couple of inches of water.   You might have to play a little bit to get the best ratio of paint to water to soap.  

art activities for preschool: How to paint with bubbles.  A plastic container with a bubble paint solution in it.

The solution should be thin enough so that when the kids blow bubbles into the liquid, the bubbles expand over the top of the container.

How To Bubble Paint

Now that you have prepped your surface, poked holes in your straws, and mixed up your paint solution, you are ready to have lots of fun and create some gorgeous, colorful paintings.

bubble painting prints on paper

Give your kids a staw and show them how to stick the end of the staw into the solution and blow bubbles until they start forming a dome above the container.

Then, show them how to lightly press a sheet of paper onto the top of the bubbles to create a print. Pull the paper back to reveal the bubble shapes and unique patterns left behind by the colorful bubbles. Some bubbles might remain on the paper, and you can watch them pop.

Continue blowing bubbles and applying paper to the surface. Experiment with different colors. Have fun with the creative process until you feel the artwork is complete. Then, grab another sheet of paper and try it again.

Have fun – there is no wrong way to do this!

What Does Bubble Painting Teach Children?

Engaging in bubble painting can teach children valuable lessons in a fun and interactive way. This activity helps kids explore basic scientific concepts, such as how bubbles form, why they pop, states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases), movement of air, and surface tension.

This art activity also gives kids an opportunity to experiment with color mixing and it promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children blow bubbles and press paper to capture their art. Beyond the physical skills, bubble painting encourages creative thinking and problem-solving as kids explore different techniques to achieve various effects.

Bubble Painting Extension Activities

Bubble painting is a fun process art activity for preschoolers, but there are also ways to explore and experiment with the process and the art produced. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Experiment with different paint and bubble mixture – Let kids help you experiment to get the perfect paint/bubble solution. Try using store-bought bubbles instead of dish soap.
  • Try making bubbles in different ways – Experiment with an aquarium air pump and plastic tubes/bubblers. Use a bubble wand instead of a straw.
  • Experiment with airflow – What happens when you blow soft and slowly? What happens when you blow harder through the straw?
  • Learn about colors – Kids can learn about colors by combining different colors to create the paint/bubble solution. What happens when you layer different colors of bubble painting on paper?
  • Experiment with different kinds of straws – Use thin straws, thick straws, or straw bundles. Do you notice a difference? Does one type of straw make smaller bubbles or larger bubbles?
  • Use different types of paper. – Try small pieces, large pieces, colored paper, cardstock, watercolor paper, glossy, dull, paper towels. What differences do you notice? Which do you prefer?
  • Magnifying glass – Examine dry bubble paintings with a magnifying glass. What do you notice?

How to Use Bubble Painting for Easy Art and Craft Projects

While it’s fun to do bubble painting just for the sake of the process, you can also use the paintings in many different ways. Here are some fun ideas.

  • Collage activities – Cut shapes from the painted pages to use in collages and projects.
  • Letter Activities – Use painter’s tape to make a letter on a piece of paper before bubble painting. When you’re done, remove the tape to reveal the letter.
Bubble painting name art activity.  Pages printed with the name Gracie, Felicia, and Grayson on them and blue, purple, yellow and orange bubble paint has been applied.
  • Word or name art – Use an editable template to create a name art coloring sheet. Apply bubbles to the page….this is a fun name-recognition activity!
  • Make notecards – I have used bubble paintings to make special gifts.  They look beautiful when framed or made into note cards.
Make cards with bubble painting artwork

Have you tried bubble painting?  I would love to hear any additional tips and tricks that you have.  I would also love to hear what your favorite art activities for kids are.  Please let me know in the comments below.  For even more fun art activities for your kids check out these articles about painting with pool noodles, painting with balls and marbles, combining counting and creating, and making a DIY paintbrush.

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Additional Art Activities for Kids