Beginning Sound Clip Cards


Use these CVC Beginning Sound Clip cards to help your kids hear and see the beginning sounds in words. They will love this hands-on early literacy activity.

This interactive, beginning sound resource is one of the most popular activities in my store.  You can work on initial sounds and rhyming with these simple CVC word cards.

Beginning Sound Clip Cards

17 Sets Included

The set includes cards for 17 different word families and the sets are color-coded by medial sound.  The following word families are included:  ot, -op, -en, -et, ed, ig, in, ip, am, at, an, ag, ap, ug, ub, ut, and un.

The beginning sound clip cards includes 17 different word families.

Clip Card Assemble

Much like the rhyming clip cards, these are easy to assemble.  Print, laminate, and cut out the cards on the dotted lines.

Want to bind the sets together by word family? Add a cover, hole punch the cards, and then add a binder ring.

Tips on how to assemble your beginning sound clip cards.

The set includes printable beginning sound letter circles for each card.  You can attach these letters to the open end of a clothespin clip with hot glue.

Add your beginning sound clip cards to a binder ring.

If you don’t want to make a clip for every single card, you can add some hook and loop tape to the back of the letters and to the clothespins.  This way, you can attach the letters to the clothespins as you need them.  You can also add some hook and loop tape to the back of a set of clip cards to store the letters when they are not in use.

One teacher told me that she skipped the clips and just added some hook and loop to the circle on the front of each card.  This is also an option, but kids seem to REALLY like using the clothespin clips.

How to Use the Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Now that you have your cards and beginning letters all prepped and organized, they are ready to use in your literacy centers.  Don’t overwhelm your kids.  Start with one set of cards and letters. 

Introduce one set of beginning sound clip cards at a time.

Begin with a letter activity… talking about the sound that is made by each letter on the clips.  Show them how the letter will create a word when placed in front of the two letters on the card. Help them sound out the word.

Next, show them how changing the first letter will create a different word.

Begin with a letter activity with your beginning sound clip cards.

When they start getting the hang of it, you can ask kids to look at the picture on the card and say the word.  Encourage them to listen to the first sound of the word and determine which letter should be added to the card.

After using this activity, one teacher told me that “My students are really learning to connect the first sound with a letter“.

Another reported that “This is really helping my students isolate the initial sound of words.”

Helping students isolate initial sounds with the beginning clip cards.

As your kids progress, you can start presenting more cards and letters at the same time.

Adding more letter and cards as your students progress with the beginning clip cards.

When you present more than one-word family at a time, you can ask kids to sort the words that rhyme.  You can also challenge your kids to produce additional words (real or silly) that also rhyme with each group.

Beginning Sounds clip cards.

Purchase the Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Stop by my store to get your copy of the CVC Beginning Sound Clip Cards and start working on beginning sounds and rhyming with your kids.

CVC Beginning Sound Clip Cards