Fun & Easy Activities to Build Fine Motor Skills

The birthday theme fine motor set includes hole punch & cut activities and MORE! Build hand strength, scissor skills, pencil grip, pincer grasp, and more with these engaging birthday theme fine motor activities.

celebration theme fine motor activities

What Activities Are Included in the FREEBIE?

The celebration activity set includes the following birthday-theme fine motor activities. Your kids will have so much fun with the engaging activities they won’t even realize they are building essential fine motor skills.

balloons paper tearing activity shown with a glue stick and strips of torn paper

Paper tearing

Kids build hand strength with paper-tearing activities.

fold and cut activities to help kids build scissor skills.  A gift or present, a birthday hat, and a balloon activity are shown with a pair of scissors.

Fold-n-cut activities

Build scissor skills while cutting the shapes out, then unfold to reveal the design.

birthday theme hole punch and cut fine motor activity for preschoolers shown with scissors and a hole puncher

Hole Punch and cut strips

Build hand strength with a hole punch and practice snipping with scissors.

birthday celebration theme playdough mats with number cards, playdough, and a task box.

Playdough Mats

Develop hands and finger while practicing counting skills.

simple maze for preschoolers

Simple Mazes

Develop pencil grip and control with simple mazes.

forming line activities for preschoolers

Connect the Images

Develop pencil grip and control while connecting matching images on the page.

a simple cut and paste activity

Cut and paste activities

Practice straight-line cutting with this simple cutting and pasting activity.