How to Create an Amazing Blow Painting with Straws


Are you looking for some new process art activities for preschoolers?  Why not try blow painting with straws.

Create amazing painting with straws.

Blow painting is an exciting activity for kids, it provides some great opportunities for experimentation, and the resulting artwork is really amazing.  This is a process art activity that is truly frame-worthy.

Materials and Supplies Needed

Here are some materials that you will need before you begin making straw artwork.

Materials and supplies needed for your blow painting with straws.
  • tempera paint
  • straws
  • a push pin
  • paper
  • a dropper or pipette
  • small containers to hold paint

Prepare the Straws

Before you begin, you will probably want to prepare your straws by poking a hole in them with a push pin.  This will help prevent kids from sucking up the paint into their mouths.

Instructions for Painting

Dilute the tempera paint a bit so that it will flow more easily when kids blow it.  Use small plastic containers to store a few different colors of paint.

Show kids how to squeeze paint into a pipette and release a drop or two onto the paper.

Use pipettes to drop paint on the paper for your blow painting with straws.

Now, your kids can blow air through a straw to move the paint around on the paper.  Add more paint as needed.

Blow painting with straws.

Extensions and Experiments

Here are some ideas for creative experimenting:

Extension and experiments for your blow painting with straws.
  • Discuss what happens when colors mix
  • Experiment with different types of paint
  • Does it make a difference if you add bubbles to the paint?
  • What happens when you change the angle of the straw?
  • Do you notice a change when you blow hard or blow softly?

I hope that you and your kids enjoy blow painting with straws.  You may also enjoy some of these additional art activities too.

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