Christmas Fine Motor Activities that will Make Your Kids Happy


Are you looking for some super fun fine motor activities that are perfect for the holiday season? Check out these great Christmas fine motor activities for preschoolers. I know your kids are going to love them!

Christmas Fine Motor Activities

Christmas Count and Clip Cards

This has to be the cutest fine motor activity…don’t you think? Add seasonal stickers, erasers, or buttons to the end of clothespin clips, and you have a fun & easy Christmas-themed count and clip cards.

Christmas fine motor and counting activity

Christmas Fine Motor Task Cards

These fine motor task cards are part of my Winter Dot Sticker Task Card set and are extremely versatile. Use them with pom-poms/tweezers, dot sticker, bingo daubers and more.

Christmas fine motor task cards

Christmas Wreath Dot Sticker Printable

Here is another versatile printable fine motor activity you can use with your kids. Use these dot sticker printable strips with dot stickers, bingo daubers, hole puncher, and more. You can even use the printable to create a Christmas countdown paper chain.

dot sticker printable Christmas fine motor activity -  Stickers are added to the red and green strips and they are taped together to make a paper chain.

Holiday Scissor Skills Activities

Holiday-themed activities are often very motivating for kids. Here are some activity ideas that will even motivate kids who are resistant to using scissors.

Christmas Tree Fine Motor Activity

This Christmas tree activity allows kids to practice scissor skills. They can also build hand strength by using a hole punch to complete it.

Christmas tree cutting and hole punch actiivty

Cutting Practice Material Ideas

Provide cutting practice for preschoolers by adding some fun items to a sensory table or tray.

Here are some ideas. Don’t forget to add the scissors.

  • Holiday wrapping paper
  • Ribbon or garland
  • Evergreen branches (be sure that they are fresh and soft, so they don’t poke kids’ fingers.
  • Christmas cards or holiday catalogs

Christmas Cutting and Pasting

Give your kids straight-line cutting practice with these simple cut and paste activities in my December fine motor activity set. Your kids can add presents around the Christmas tree and hang stockings on the mantel.

Christmas fine motor cutting and pasting activity

Holiday Cutting

These cutting practice activities are part of my Holiday Fine Motor Activity Set. Kids can work on snipping and cutting on a variety of lines.

Christmas fine motor and cutting practice activities

Cutting Practice Mini-Books

Use my free cutting practice mini-book template to help your kids get scissor skills experience. Kids can begin by adding holiday stickers to each page.

They get some meaningful cutting practice as they cut the pages out. Finally, they can staple the pages together and will be proud of their book.

Christmas-themed mini cutting practice books

Snowflake Cutting with Templates

Kids are delighted when they can successfully cut snowflakes. Be sure to use snowflake cutting templates to make the task easy for your little learners.

The easy way to help kids make a paper snowflake with cutting patterns

Christmas Printable Cutting Practice Activities

If your kids like cutting paper snowflakes, they will also love these Christmas printable cutting practice activities. that are part of my December Fine Motor Activity set.

All you have to do is fold the printable pages in half. Then, kids can cut on the line. After cutting, your kids will be SO EXCITED to unfold the paper to reveal the gingerbread man, Christmas tree, and bell images.

Christmas printable cutting practice printable - a foldable cutting activity - gingerbread, Christmas tree, and bell

Christmas Fine Motor Crafts

Here are some fun printable fine motor crafts that will help your kids practice scissor skills, build hand strength with a hole puncher, and work on hand-eye coordination with these Christmas and gingerbread crafts.

gingerbread printable fine motor crafts with scissors, hole punch, and glue stick. A gingerbread man, gingerbread girl, and gingerbread house crafts are shown.
Printable Christmas fine motor crafts on brightly colored paper. A stocking, Christmas tree, reindeer, and poinsettia craft are shown.

Fine Motor Art Activities for the Holidays

Looking for some holiday themed process art activities? I’ve got you covered.

Christmas Tree Spray Bottle Painting

Use washi tape to add a Christmas tree shape to a piece of construction paper. Use a spray bottle filled with paint in holiday colors to spray over the entire paper.

Carefully remove the tape to reveal a Christmas tree outline.

Christmas tree spray painting

Christmas Tearing Paper Activity

Tearing paper is a great fine motor activity to help your kids build hand strength. These Christmas themed tearing paper pages are part of my December fine motor activity set. Your kids will have fun applying torn paper to the images, but you can also use the simple images as fun coloring pages.

reindeer paper tearing activity printed on purple paper shown with bit of red paper and a glue stick - an example of a Christmas fine motor activity for kids

Holiday Playdough Activities

Gingerbread Playdough Tray

Mix up some gingerbread playdough and add some thematic materials to create a fun gingerbread playdough tray or a small, individual playdough kit.

You can use bits of fabric and things you find in your sewing kit for your gingerbread play dough tray. - an example of Christmas fine motor activities.

Christmas Tree Playdough Tray

Add beads, bells, and lights and some Christmas tree playdough to create a super invitation to play for your Christmas tree theme.

A Christmas playdough invitation to play - A red plastic playdough tray, a ball of green Christmas tree playdough, and Christmas themed mix-ins - Christmas tree playdough. - an example of Christmas fine motor activities

Christmas Playdough Mats

You can use these cut playdough mats with your playdough trays. The Christmas playdough mats are in my December fine motor activity set

Christmas playdough mats and number cards

Holiday Playdough Kit

It’s also easy to make up some individual playdough kits with a holiday theme. All of the materials in a playdough kit can be contained in an inexpensive container. They also make great gifts for the little ones in your life.

Christmas playdough kit for fine motor activities

Mini-Playdough Mat Printable

Teachers love using these free mini-playdough mats as a simple gift for kids. The little fine motor activity also makes a great favor for holiday parties.

mini Christmas playdough mats and a small container of playdoh make a simple and inexpensive gift for students. - an example of Christmas fine motor activities

Holiday Hole Punch & Bead Placement Activities

In addition to the Christmas tree activity above, my Holiday Fine Motor Activity Set includes additional hole punch activities. I LOVE the reindeer hole punch strip!

Christmas fine motor hole punch strips in reindeer and light strand theme

The set also includes these bead placement activities, which allow kids to work on refining their grasp.

Christmas fine motor grasp activity with pony beads

Additional Christmas Fine Motor Activity Ideas

Kids can string a bell onto a pipe cleaner and then wrap it around a craft stick to make jingle bell sticks. You can use the musical instrument for a simple science activity too. Be sure to pick up the free printable.

simple science project for preschoolers with a jingle bell and craft stick

Do your kids need to work on some pre-writing skills? These pre-writing mats and mazes are a fun way to help them out.

Christmas fine motor maze for pre-writing practice

Mini erasers are great fine motor tools. Use Christmas themed erasers to turn any of these mini-eraser activities into a Christmas fine motor activity.

Christmas fine motor graphing activity with mini erasers.

Jingle Bell Drop by Stay at Home Educator

Candy Cane Counting and Fine Motor Activity by Fun and Learning for Kids

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

I hope that you enjoy trying out some of these fine motor activities for Christmas. If you have additional ideas to build fine motor skills during the holiday season, I would love to hear them.

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