The Best Gift from Teacher to Preschoolers: Christmas Play Dough Mats (free printable)


These mini Christmas play dough mats will make a great little Christmas gift from teacher to kids,  sweet party favors, or just a fun activity to occupy kids during a Christmas or holiday gathering.

If you are looking for a sweet little Christmas gift for the kids in your life, I have a great idea for you.  These printable play dough mats, along with a container or two of play dough can be assembled into a cute little gift bag. 

Here is how I put mine together.

Prepare the Christmas Play Dough Mats

I created 4 different mini-holiday play dough mats.  They print 2 sets per page. To prepare them you need to print them, laminate them, and then cut them out.

mini playdough mats and a small container of playdoh make a simple and inexpensive gift for students.

Add Some Playdough

Of course, if you have play dough mats… need play dough.  I found a package of little Play dough containers in the stocking stuffer/candy aisle of my local Target store.

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If you are the DIY type and have some extra time on your hand, you can also easily make your own dough.  Here are some posts to help you out:

Gift bags with mini Christmas playdough mats and min containers of playdoh

Assemble Play Dough Mat Gift Bags

I also included some “dough-lightful” little gift cards (both holiday and Christmas versions) in the free printable.  Place a gift card, a set of laminated play dough mats, and 1- 2 containers of playdough in a little cello gift bag.  Tie the bag with a pretty ribbon and you will have a cute holiday favor or Christmas gift for kids.


Christmas themed mini playdough mat - Christmas light playdough mat and red playdough

I think that this is not only a gift that kids will enjoy, but parents will appreciate it….because it’s NOT candy.

mini holiday playdough mat for kids - gingerbread playdough mat with green and red playdough

Playing with playdough is a great way for kiddos to work on their fine motor skills, but the mats can also provide opportunities to practice counting, color identification, and patterning.

Mini Christmas playdough mat Christmas gift playdough mat with red playdough

Increase the fun and learning opportunities by including more than one color of playdough in your little gift.  Just don’t tag me in the pictures when the kids mix the colors. Does anybody else have serious play  dough color mixing issues?

mini Christmas playdough mats - Christmas tree playdough mat with yellow and teal playdough

Get the Free Mini Playdough Mats Today

Are you ready to put together some playdough mats for your kids? Click on the link below, fill out the form, and I will send them directly to your inbox. I hope that you and your kids enjoy the activity.

Additional Christmas Activities

Are you looking for more hands-on learning activities for your kids?  Check out these Christmas activities in my store:

december and christmas fine motor activities
playdough mats and number cards for kids
Christmas and Holiday Weigh Station Printables

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