Printable Community Helpers Crafts That Are Sure to Delight Your Kids


Are you ready to explore the community with your kids? I know that your kids will love these fun community helpers crafts. These printable fine motor craft activities will help you introduce the roles of community helpers like mail carriers, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics through community helper transportation vehicle crafts.

The crafts are a great way to discuss community helpers, but they will also allow your kids to practice fine motor skills like cutting, tracing, and hole punching.

community helper crafts for kids in preschool - pictures of a firetruck craft, a police car craft, and ambulance and a mail truck craft.

So, get your scissors, glue sticks, and hole punches ready to go and get started with these community helpers crafts today.

Community Helpers Crafts and Fine Motor Activities
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Printable Community Helpers Crafts for Kids

Now, let’s take a look at the printable fine motor crafts in my community helper set. Like my other printable fine motor crafts, these will give your kids lots of opportunities to work on fine motor skills.

This is a motivating way to work on cutting practice, there are dotted lines on each of the crafts for pre-writing and tracing practice, and each craft includes small circles for hole punching…..a favorite activity of most kids!

Fire Truck Craft

When they make this cute and easy fire truck craft for preschoolers, your kids will be able to picture themselves in the driver’s seat, rushing to save the day and extinguish pretend flames.

printable fire truck craft on red paper with scissors and a hole punch - an example of community helpers crafts for kids

This craft will fuel their imagination, help them learn about fire trucks, plus they can work on scissor skills and build hand strength in the process.

Your kids can get cutting practice as they cut out the simple shapes on the dark, bold lines. They can build control in their fingers as they trace the dotted lines on the fire truck. Also, take a look at the small circles on the printable firetruck design. Kids can use a hole punch to punch out each of the circles

If you haven’t tired them out, hole punching activities are EXTREMELY motivating and a great way to build hand strength.

a cut and paste fire truck craft and fine motor activity - an example of community helper crafts for kids.

Simple Ambulance Craft

Calling all little paramedics! It’s time to craft an ambulance. Cut, trace, and punch your way to a fantastic creation. Your kids will love this ambulance that’s ready to race to the rescue!

A simple printable ambulance craft on blue paper is a great fine motor activity and example of community helpers crafts for kids.

Police Car Craft Activity

Your kids will be ready to join the force after they create their own police car masterpieces. They can cut and paste, trace, and hole punch personalized squad cars that are ready to uphold justice and keep the world safe. Warning: you may hear a few sirens as your kids work on this community helpers craft!

printable cut and paste police car craft with a hole punch.  This is an example of community helpers crafts for kids.

Post Office Truck Craft Project

The final community helpers craft in the set is a post office truck. Your kids can design and construct their very own mail truck using the simple printable template.

post office truck craft - a white mail truck on a blue background with scissor and a hole punch.  This is an example of community helpers crafts for kids.

Now that I shared all the fun crafts, you might have some questions about teaching kids about community helpers.

Why teach preschoolers about community helpers?

Before we get to the craft ideas, let’s take a quick look at why we teach preschoolers about community helpers. We teach preschoolers about community helpers because it helps them understand the world around them and all the people who help make our community a better place.

By learning about different community helpers, young kids start to recognize the important roles these helpers play in our daily lives and will learn to respect and appreciate these helpers.

How do you explain community helpers to preschoolers?

In simple words, you can tell your kids that a community helper is a person who has a special job that helps make our community a better place. They help to keep us safe and happy.

What are examples of community helpers?

There are a variety of community helpers. First responders like police officers, firefighters, and paramedics play a role in keeping us safe. Teachers, administrators, librarians, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers help us learn and grow. Garbage truck drivers, city bus drivers, and postal workers also play important roles in the community. What additional community helpers do you talk about with your kids?

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I hope that you found these community helpers crafts to be as cute as I do. The crafts will give you a great way to talk about helpers in the community AND will give you a motivating way to get your kids to practice and build fine motor skills.

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Community Helpers Crafts and Fine Motor Activities

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