How to Find the Best Cutting and Pasting Activities for Preschoolers


Cutting and pasting activities are a great way to help your preschoolers develop their fine motor skills. Cut and paste activities can also be a lot of fun! Let’s take a look at some different types of cutting and pasting activities, as well as the benefits they offer for preschoolers.

cutting and pasting activities for preschoolers

What are the benefits of cutting and pasting activities?

Cutting and pasting activities can be very fun and engaging for young kids. The cutting activities also have many benefits for kids.

build hand muscles and develop fine motor skills

You can use cut and paste activities to help preschoolers build hand muscles and develop fine motor skills. Cutting with scissors and using glue can be tricky at first, but once they learn how to do it correctly, they will find it much easier and more fun.


When kids use scissors frequently, their scissor skills will improve. In addition, cut and paste activities are a motivating and meaningful way for kids to improve their cutting skills.

Develop Bilateral Coordination

Cutting and pasting provide kids with an opportunity to develop bilateral coordination. Bilateral coordination refers to the ability of both hands to work together.  

Additional Benefits

Cutting and pasting activities also give kids a chance to use creativity, imagination, and decision-making skills to create new things.

Choose The Best Cutting and Pasting Activities for Preschoolers

There are many cut and paste activities out there. Here are some considerations to help you look for developmentally appropriate activities for your kids.

Developmentally Appropriate

Not all kids are at the same level, so it is important to find an activity that is challenging but not too difficult or frustrating.

Begin with Simple Cut and Paste Activities

An activity where kids just cut and paste construction paper instead of a printable activity sheet is the best cutting and pasting activity for beginners.

When your kids are ready for printable cutting and pasting activities, look for activities that have simple lines. Activities that require kids to cut intricate shapes are too difficult for young kids who are just learning to use or hold scissors.

Types of Cut & Paste Activities

There are many different types of cut and paste activities that you can find. Here are a few ideas.

Cut Paper Collage

Here is an excellent process art activity for kids who are just starting to learn how to use scissors.

Give your kids some strips of paper. They can easily cut the strips into squares and rectangles. Then, they can glue the pieces onto a piece of paper.

cutting and pasting activities with paper strips

You can make this simple activity extra fun by adding some strips of fun thematic paper, or strips of glitter paper.

Are your kids ready for more of a challenge? Provide scrap colored paper and have them cut out different shapes and then glue them to a piece of paper.

cutting and pasting activities cut paper collage

To make the activity more interesting, provide yarn, colorful tape, fancy scrapbook paper, or catalogs for kids to add to their creations.

Cut Letter Collage

Don’t throw out that junk mail. Instead, let kids use it for cutting practice activities. For example, they can cut out words and letters and paste them to paper.

Cut Paper with a Printed Image

Provide strips of construction paper, and let your kids practice snipping the strips into small squares. They can then paste the strips onto a printable activity page.

cutting and pasting activities with a printable image

Glue Snip Strip Images to Paper

Teachers love using my hole punch and cut activities as a great beginner cutting activity for kids. You can make the snipping activity more challenging and exciting by having kids glue the sniped images to a piece of paper.

cutting and pasting activities with printable

Prefer an alphabet version? These alphabet hole punch printables fit the bill.

hole punch activity and cut and paste activity

Cut and Paste Printables

There are many cut and paste activity pages out there. These simple activities are part of my monthly fine motor activity sets. It’s super easy to differentiate these cutting pages.

cutting and pasting activities printables for preschoolers

Cutting and Pasting Activities in the Store

Are you ready to try some fun activities to help your preschooler develop fine motor skills? Check out these cutting and pasting activities from my store. These are easy to prep and are sure to keep engaged.

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