Dollar Store Fine Motor Activities that are Cheap and Fun


Find ideas for fun and inexpensive Dollar Store fine motor activities for kids. Learn how to make fine motor skills activities for cheap.

Developing fine motor skills is an essential part of early childhood education.  Kids need to develop their fine motor skills so that they can eventually learn how to use writing tools and scissors.

Dollar Store Fine Motor Activities

Dollar Store Fine Motor Activities

This development often takes place naturally through play, but some children may need extra help to develop those skills.  The good thing is that you can help kids work on fine motor skills in playful ways with everyday household items or inexpensive supplies.

The Dollar Store happens to be a great place to find some inexpensive tools to use for fun fine motor activities.

Here are some ideas for Dollar Store fine motor activities for your kids.

Kitchen Tools

I find that the kitchen aisle in the Dollar Store provides some of the best fine motor tools.  You can do LOTS of different fine motor activities with kitchen items.


I found several kinds of tongs at the Dollar Store….small, large, one with a scissor grip.  Use tongs for sorting activities, place game counters, for counting activities, and in dramatic play setups.

Check out the kitchen aisle at the Dollar Store for fine motor activity supplies.

Spoons & Spatulas

Kids can use spoons for scooping and stirring in the sandbox or in sensory tables. Use spatulas to turn over letter cards, number cards, or name cards during literacy and math activities.  You can also add the tools to a dramatic play kitchen or to playdough activities.

Turkey Baster

A baster is an excellent tool for strengthening little hands.  Use them at a water table.  Kids can race feathers or cotton balls across the floor with them.

Ice cube tray

Ice cube trays are perfect for sorting and counting mini-erasers or other small objects.  Kids can use their fingers for sorting or you can provide tweezers or tongs to make the activity more challenging.  You can also use ice cube trays for color mixing activities or dropper painting.

Use an ice cube trap for an inexpensive fine motor activity.

Chip Clips

Attach chip clips to a paint stick, a piece of cardboard, or to the edge of a container.  Use them for counting activities.  Sometimes you can find novelty chip clips (like ducks) that you can use for storytelling activities.

Use chip clips for an inexpensive fine motor activity.

Divided Trays

I love buying divided trays at the Dollar Store.  I create playdough trays with them and use them to sort art supplies for open-ended art activities.

Buy a bunch of dividing trays at the Dollar Store for fine motor activities.


Use straws for cutting practice activities.

Use straws for an inexpensive fine motor activity.

Lace the cut straws on a string, use them in art projects, or place them on q-tips, toothpicks, or skewers.

More fine motor activity ideas with straws.


Small containers

Kids can sort mini-erasers, pom-poms, small toys, rocks, etc. in small containers.  Let them open and close the lids.  Use them in doctor dramatic play area to hold pretend medicine.

Use trays bought at the Dollar Store for an inexpensive addition to your fine motor activity.

Divided boxes

Kids can sort all kinds of little things in divided boxes.  You can also add them to an entomology lab dramatic play area to house insect collections.

Divider boxes: An inexpensive addition to your fine motor activities.


This strainer-type container that I found at my Dollar Store is a great tool for weaving yarn and string.

Strainers can be bought at the Dollar Store for an inexpensive addition to your fine motor activities.

Art & Craft Supplies

There are a lot of art supplies in the aisles of the Dollar Store.  I do think that there are better places to purchase art supplies in classroom quantities, but the Dollar Store is a great place when you need small supplies of something for a project.

Here are some of my favorite art supplies that can be used for fine motor activities.

paint trays

I love these little paint trays.  They are perfect for q-tip painting, sorting, and counting activities.

Paint trays from the Dollar Store as part of your fine motor activities.

Silk Flowers

Stick sild flowers into a piece of foam for color sorting activities or patterning activities.  You can also use the flowers when you assemble fun playdough trays.

Silk flowers from the Dollar Store as part of your fine motor activities.

dowels for paintbrushes

I found short pencil-length dowels that are perfect for making DIY paintbrushes or in playdough trays.  You can get dowels at the craft store or at the home improvement store, but you will have to cut those down to the appropriate size.

You can add dowels to lots of fine motor activities.

buttons, beads, etc.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get a wide variety of art and craft supplies at the Dollar Store.  If you need small quantities, this is a great place to find beads, buttons, etc.  But if you need larger quantities, you can probably find cheaper supplies elsewhere.

Office Supplies

You can also create fun fine motor activities with office supplies.

Erasers on pencils

Kids can place pencil erasers on pencils.  You can also use them for color sorting or container activities.

Use erasers as a fine motor activity bought from the Dollar Store.

kids tweezers

I seem to find more and more teacher supplies every time I visit the Dollar Store.  Pick up some of the large tweezers the next time that you visit.  They are perfect for sorting activities, science experiments, and dramatic play activities.

Kids tweezers from the Dollar Store for your fine motor activity.

Cleaning Supplies

Don’t forget to check out the cleaning supply area for some fun fine motor supplies.

Spray bottles

Kids can use spray bottles in a water table to clean play items like kitchen tools and plastic food.  They can also clean things like rocks, pumpkins, apples, etc.  You can also paint with spray bottles.

Spray bottles bought at the Dollar Store are great for your fine motor activities.

broom & dustpan

Add this little broom and dustpan to your dramatic play kitchen.  Kids can use them to clean up a mess in your classroom or at home.

You can also use the set for a counting activity.  Scatter some pom-poms or cotton balls on the floor or on a tray.  Kids can count the items as they sweep them up.

Dust pan and broom for fine motor activities.


You can use a plunger for circle printing activities.  Kids also enjoy sticking a plunger to a smooth, hard floor and then pulling it loose.  This is a fun hand strengthening activity.

A plunger bought at the Dollar Store for fine motor activities.

Additional Fine Motor Supplies

hair bands

For a group activity, kids can hold straws and pass a hairband from straw to straw around a circle.  They can also sort the hairbands and add them to popsicle sticks or paint sticks.


On my last trip to Dollar Tree, I found this little massage tool.  It makes a great playdough tool or cool paintbrush.

Use a massage roller bought at the Dollar Store for fine motor activities.

I hope that you found some fun dollar fine motor activities to try.  Did you find some additional fine motor tools at the Dollar Store?  I would love to hear about them.

Free Fine Motor Printable

Are you ready for more fine motor activity ideas?  Get this free fine motor printable to work on fine motor skills activities with your kids.

Free fine motor printable.

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