Easy Art for Preschoolers: How to Paint with a Flyswatter


A flyswatter plus paint equals easy art for preschoolers. Your kids will love using these non-traditional paintbrushes on this fun process art project.

I always keep an eye out for creative learning and art supplies wherever I go.  While at Wal-Mart the other day looking for mosquito spray, I found these great flyswatters.  I instantly knew that I could use them for something better than killing flies. This art activity is the perfect addition to your bug and insect unit.

Painting with flyswatters for an easy art idea for preschoolers

Here’s the part that I love…..at $1 each, these are pretty inexpensive tools.

Let me show you how you can use flyswatters for an easy art project.

I love the artwork that we made while painting with flyswatters.  Are you looking for a project that goes with your insects, bugs, or summer theme?  This is a good one.

An easy, inexpensive art idea for preschoolers.

How to Paint with Flyswatters

Add tempera paint to a shallow tray.  It’s fun to use a combination of paint colors. Add different colors to different trays or use multiple colors on a tray.

I always prefer to use tempera paint that is NOT washable because it has more pigment and will give the best results.

How to paint with flyswatters for an easy art idea for preschoolers.

Let kids mix the colors up with their unique paintbrush.  Kids will enjoy smooshing their flyswatters into the paint.  I love watching the paint ooze through the plastic grid.

Smoosh your colors together with this easy art idea for preschoolers.

Finally, kids can smack the paint on large sheets of paper.  Yes….it’s a little bit of a messy project.

An easy art idea for preschool, it can get a little messy.

But, it’s a FUN project!  I love the textures and mixing of colors that the unique tool creates.  See, I told you….fun and easy art for preschoolers.

Gorgeous art with your easy art project idea for preschoolers.

I hope that you and your kids enjoy painting with flyswatters.  Now I’m off to find more interesting art supplies.

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