Easy Printable Valentine Crafts for Every Classroom: Perfect for Teachers


As a child, I spent hours sitting at a small kid-sized table and chair set in the dining room, crafting to my heart’s content.

The winter months were always cold in Northern Ohio, so I spent more time than usual at my arts and crafts table from Dec-February. Of course, I was thrilled to make Valentine’s Day crafts in February.

Are you looking for a little inspiration for some February craft ideas for your kids? I bet they will be thrilled to make these easy printable Valentine crafts!

easy printable Valentine crafts for kids

Do you know the best part? These crafts are easy, fun, and enjoyable but will also help your kids build their fine motor skills.

Preschool teachers always tell me that many of their kids struggle with low fine motor skills. That’s why I have been creating activities to help them build fine motor skills in fun, motivating ways.

Let’s look at some easy printable Valentine’s Day fine motor crafts for your young kids. From the charming love bug craft template to printable Valentine hearts, these crafts are designed to make help strengthen those little hands.

Love Bug Craft Templates

2 love bug Valentine's Day crafts shown with crayons and a hole punch

These easy-to-use templates are a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your classroom. While your kids are making the super cute cut-and-paste love bug crafts, they will have the opportunity to

  • Practice snipping and cutting a variety of lines
  • Work on pencil grip as they trace the dotted lines.
  • Build hand strength as they punch out the circles on the template with a hole puncher.
Love Bug Valentine's Day craft and fine motor activities

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How to Make the Love Bugs

No Prep Option: If you are super strapped for time, there is a no-prep option. You can just print a no-prep page, and your kids can color, cut out, and assemble the love bugs.

printable love bug craft template.  A no-prep one-page option shown with scissors, crayons, and a hole punch.

Bright and Colorful Love Bug Option: You also have the option of printing the individual love bug parts on different colors of bright paper. Your kids can then cut out the individual parts, trace the dotted lines with a crayon, snip the small lines, punch all the holes, and paste the cute love bugs together.

A love bug Valentine's Day 
craft template printed on red and pink paper shown with crayons, scissors, and a hole punch.

Creative Adaptations for Your Love Bug Craft

Want to let your kids unleash their creativity a little bit more? Here are some ways to let them add their personal touch to their Valentine’s Day craft.

  • Get out the glitter – Glitter makes everything more exciting. Let kids trace the dotted lines with glitter glue, or they can add their own sparkly flair to personalize their cute love bug.
  • Pom-poms – Provide small pom-poms and glue and kids can add them to the antenna or to the hear spots on the bugs.
  • Pipe-cleaners – Give them some colorful pipe cleaners, and they can use them for antennae or legs.
  • Q-tip paint – Kids can add little dots or other details to their love bugs with a q-tip and a small cup of paint.
  • Googly eyes – You kids can cover the printed eyes with cute googly eyes.
  • Gems or sequins – Get out the glue! Imagine how cute these love bugs would be with some extra sparkle from craft gems, beads, or sequins.

Ways to Use the Printable Love Bug Craft

So you used the printable love bug craft template, and your kids have made some adorable love bugs. What can you do with those bugs? Here are some ideas:

A printable love bug Valentine's Day craft added to a brown bag to create a cute Valentin bag for kids.
  • Valentine Box – Attach a love bug to a box to make an adorable box for Valentine’s Cards.
  • Valentine Bag – Personalize a small shopping bag or lunch bag by attaching a bug to the front side.
  • Valentine’s Day Card – Fold a piece of construction paper in half to make a card. Attach the love bug to the front.
  • Valentine’s Day bulletin board- The love bugs will look really cute on a Valentine’s theme bulletin board, door decor or for seasonal hallway decor. Here are some fun bulletin board titles:
    • Our Little Love Bugs
    • Buggin You to Be Mine
    • The Love Bug Parade
  • Love Bug Puppet – Add a craft stick to the completed craft and you have an adorable love bug puppet that your kids can fly around the classroom
  • Love Bug Habitat or Background – Give your kids a large piece of paper, and some art and craft supplies. Let them make a cook background or habitat for their love bug. They can then attach their bug to the paper.

If you love this love bug craft activity, you can learn more about my other printable fine motor craft activities.

Valentine’s Day Tearing Paper Pages

Do you remember the sheer joy of tearing into gift wrapping as a child? Let’s channel that excitement into building fine motor skills with Valentine Tearing Paper Activity Pages!

printable Valentine craft for kids - a paper tearing activity.  A hear image is printed on pink paper and kids have torn red paper and glued it on the heart.

This craft is not just easy and fun; it’s a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills and hand strength.

Valentines Day fine motor activities
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Paper Tearing Craft Supplies

This is truly a not prep craft. Here are the supplies that you need:

  • Simple printable images
  • Scrap paper Valentine’s Day colors
  • Glue Stick

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Paper Tearing Craft

Valentine craft printables - paper tearing images and coloring pages.  The image features 12 different Valentine's Day designs printed on white paper.
  1. Start with a simple image: If you are creative, you can make your own Valentine’s Day image, or you can use my printables.
  2. Tear and Create: Encourage the kids to tear colored paper into small pieces. This is where they get to strengthen those little fingers and hands!
  3. Paste with Purpose: Next, they paste these torn pieces onto the image. It’s like filling in a colorful puzzle with their handmade pieces.

Need a modification? If your kids struggle with tearing, you can modify the activity by providing paper strips rather than a large piece/sheet.

Additional Ways to Use The Easy Printable Valentine Crafts

If you are anything like me, you like it when things are versatile. You can use these tearing paper pages for other types of creative Valentine craft projects. Here are some ideas:

  • Coloring Pages – These pages double as coloring sheets. The best part is the simple images are perfect for preschoolers.
  • Scissor Cutting Practice – Do your kids need some practice using scissors? You can easily use this printable for a cut-and-paste craft activity. Instead of asking them to tear paper, give them strips of colorful paper to cut into small squares. They can paste the squares into the image.

Enhancing the Printable Valentine’s Day Craft

Your kids can get pretty creative with this simple printable craft. Here are some ways to help them take their creative expression to the next level.

  • Textured or Patterned Paper – Provide various kinds of paper that kids can use in their torn paper collage.
  • Foil – Let kids use some foil to add some metallic highlights to their artwork.
  • Glitter – Kids can enhance their creations with some glittery highlights. If glitter clean-up scares you, use some glitter glue.
  • Fabric scraps – Let them cut strips of fabric to add a soft and exciting texture to their Valentine’s Day craft.

Valentine Fold and Cut Out Craft Activities

Folding and cutting paper to discover a hidden shape is a favorite of kids. I LOVE watching the delight on their face when they open up these simple folded Valentine’s theme images.

Valentine cutout crafts printed on red and pink paper.

This printable cutting practice activity is a great way to get your kids to practice scissor skills. The anticipation of opening their creation after they cut it out is extremely motivating.

Let me show you how easy it is to create a Fold and Cut Craft.

Valentines Day fine motor activities
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How to Easily Make A Fold-n-Cut Valentine Craft

Like the other printable activities, this one is easy to prep.

  • Print and Fold – The images print 2 per page, so after you print them, cut the page in half on the dotted lines. Then, fold the image in half.
  • Cut on the Line: Show your kids how to cut out the folded image on the line. Their anticipation will be building up as they cut
  • Symmetry in Surprise: Now, this is the FUN PART! After cutting, the kids can unfold the paper to reveal a perfectly symmetrical shape.

This activity is a wonderful way to integrate art, math, and motor skills, all wrapped up in a fun and engaging craft.

Unique Twists and Customizations

Are you looking for ways to add some more creativity to this craft? Here are some ideas:

  • Experiment with different types of papers. different types of paper (e.g., construction, patterned, etc)
  • Decorate the Valentine’s Day cutouts with sequins, glitter, markers, crayons, or watercolors for a splash of color. Just imagine how great those lips will be with a little bit of glitter!

And there you have it – my collection of engaging, easy printable Valentine crafts for your kids, perfect for developing fine motor skills!

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Love Bug Valentine's Day craft and fine motor activities
Valentines Day fine motor activities

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