Editable Name Practice Puzzles That Are Worthy of a Celebration


Why use name practice worksheets when you can use this fun editable puzzle for name practice activities with your kids in preschool, pre-k or kindergarten?

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What is Name Practice?

Name practice involves providing repeated opportunities to help kids learn:

  • to recognize their names
  • to recognize the letters in their names
  • the order of the letters in their names
  • the sound of the beginning letter in their name
  • the sounds of the other letters
  • to trace their names
  • to form the letters in their names
  • and finally to independently write their names

What is An Editable Name Practice Activity?

There are many name activities that you can use to help your kids. Editable name activities are great because they allow you to easily customize and print personalized name activities for the kids in your class.

Editable name puzzles are great for preschoolers because they help kids with the beginning steps of learning their names (from recognizing to forming letters).

editable name practice puzzles - banner puzzles with kids' names on them

I have designed many different printable name puzzles. Today, I’m going to feature my celebration or banner puzzles. They are great for Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, and all kinds of holidays and celebrations. The printables also work well for little learners with longer names.

Two Types of Name puzzles for more Editable Name Practice Activities

There are two versions of the confetti-clad editable name practice puzzles included with the resource.  The first has solid black letters and looks amazing when printed on brightly colored paper.

editable name practice puzzles

They work great for helping your kids

  • work on name recognition
  • learn letter recognition
  • remember the order of the letters in their names
  • learn the sound of the beginning letter in their name
  • and more

The second version has outlined letters. This version of the editable puzzle is perfect for kids to work on name tracing and letter formation and writing.

using editable name practice puzzles for name tracing practice

Kids can color or trace the letters on the puzzle pieces with crayons or markers. Get several different colors of markers or crayons and they can trace their names or rainbow write their names. And…guess what? This is so much more exciting than a boring editable name writing practice worksheet.

colorful name puzzles can be used for name practice

Additional Editable Name Activities

Are you looking for additional editable name practice activity ideas for your kids? Check out these printable resources and ideas from Early Learning Ideas.

Additional Printable Name Puzzles – Find a variety of name puzzles that you can use throughout the year for a variety of themes from back to school, Halloween, winter, and more. The editable PDF’s are super easy to customize in Adobe Acrobat Reader (don’t worry..it’s free!) by using the class list, and the puzzles are so much fun.

Name Matching Game – Use this free printable game to create a matching game with the names and pictures of your kids.

Free Printable Name Cards – Ad your kids’ names and photos to these name cards. These name cards are easy to customize when you open the PDF’s in Adobe Acrobat Reader (don’t worry…it’s free). Use them on cubbies, chairs, or for sign-in procedures to help your kids learn to recognize their names. You can also use them for a great magnetic letter name activity.

Name Writing Activity Books – These books have so many page options to help your kids learn the letters in their names and they will help them learn to write their names.

Editable Name Activity Mats – These name activity mats a wonderful multi-sensory learning tool. Kids can use playdough, and letter squares or blocks to build their names.

They can also practice name tracing and name writing. Laminate or use in a protective sleeve and you can use the activity over and over again. It’s so much better than a name tracing or name writing worksheet!


Are you ready to work on name practice with these editable puzzles? You can purchase the Editable Banner Name Puzzles resource in my store.  Click on the image below to check them out.

printable name puzzle activities bundle

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Additional Name Puzzles

Are you looking for additional ideas for using the editable name puzzles? Check out these additional articles about my other editable name puzzles.