25 Fun Ways to Use Fine Motor Task Cards with Your Kids


I bet you have some simple dot stickers hanging out in your supply closet. Get ready to see those simple sticky circles in a new light. Today I’m going to show you some great fine motor task cards that are like a treasure trove of possibilities.

25 fun ways to use dot sticker fine motor task cards with kids

The fine motor task cards are not only a great dot sticker activity, but there are LOTS of different ways to use them for fun fine motor activities with your kids. Think bingo daubers, fingerprints, and even Q-tip painting. Yep, the creativity options are endless with these printable task cards.

dot sticker task card bundle
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The Benefits of Using Dot Stickers

Now, let’s talk about the magic of peeling stickers.

It might sound simple, but peeling stickers offer some great benefits to kids. As kids peel those dot stickers and carefully place them on the circles on each task card, they’re having fun AND honing their hand-eye coordination skills.

You know that pincer grasp everyone talks about? Well, it’s getting a workout with every single sticker peel. A strong pincer grasp will help your kids with self-help skills (like opening packages and buttoning a shirt) and help them with school readiness skills (like controlling a pencil).

And do you know the best part about dot sticker activities? Kids have so much fun that they won’t even realize how much they’re learning.

Exploring the Dot Sticker Fine Motor Task Cards

I created these dot sticker task cards when teachers and therapists told me they wanted some peeling sticker activities for their kids. My first set of printable task cards for preschoolers and kindergarteners received rave reviews, so I added some seasonal cards so that you and your kids will never get bored.

Easy-to Prep

The fine motor activity cards are super easy to prep. They print 4 per page; all you have to do is cut them apart, and you are good to go.

The cards look great when you print them on brightly colored paper and fit perfectly in a little plastic photo storage box. Tada…..super-simple fine motor task box!

Two Sizes of Dots

I designed cards for large dot stickers and cards for small dot stickers. Need help finding dot stickers? Scroll down to the bottom of this article and I have some links for some stickers I have purchased from Amazon.

dot sticker fine motor task cards - Two versions of apple fine motor task cards printed on red paper with large and small dot stickers

While I’m starting out talking all about dots, don’t limit yourself to just using these fun printables with just circle stickers! Be sure to school through this entire article to learn additional ways to use them.

How Many Stickers can I add to Each Task Card?

The cards’ designs vary, so there aren’t a set number of sticking opportunities on each fine motor card. The large dot cards have between 5-8 circles on them, and the small dot cards have between 11-16 circles on them.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can use the cards.

A Simple Sticker Fine Motor Task Box Activity

Print off some task cards, add them to a plastic box, provide some stickers, and have one super-simple, engaging, and satisfying fine motor task box activity. Kids will have fun just adding the stickers to each circle on a card.

Turtle fine motor task cards printed on yellow paper with green dot stickers

Use the small dot sticker cards if your kids need an extra challenge, as it’s more difficult to manipulate the small circle stickers.

Use these task boxes for morning work bins, as an early finisher activity, in a fine motor center, as a special party activity, or as a take-home activity.

Dot Sticker Math Activities

It’s pretty easy to turn these little cards into a fine motor math activity.

Counting and Number Recognition Activities

Choose a task card with a theme that resonates with your kids – whether it’s cute teddy bears or seasonal delights. Challenge your kids to count each sticker as they add it to the card, and tell you how many total stickers they added. Add some number cards and you can also challenge your kids to work on number recognition as they pick out a number card that matches the number of stickers.

A snowman fine motor task card printed on purple paper.  The task card has 5 snowmen covered with blue dot stickers and is pictured with a number 5 card.

You can also start by asking your kids to add a sticker to a particular number of circles on the card. For example, “Stick 4 dot stickers on the card.” This will then give you lots of opportunities to talk about numbers. You can ask follow-up questions like, “How many teddy bears don’t have stickers on them?” and “If you add stickers to the rest of the teddy bears, how many stickers will be on the card?”

Teddy bear fine motor task cards printed on bright yellow paper.  A card has 5 bears on it, 4 of the bears have a dot sticker on them, and it is shown with a number 4 card.

Composing and Decomposing Numbers Activity

Prepare a selection of task cards featuring large dots, and make sure you have two distinct colors of stickers ready for this counting activity. Begin by inviting your kids to choose a task card and count the images on it. For instance, this card has 5 spiders. Next, have them place one color dot on a portion of the spiders and the other color dot on the remaining ones.

An example of using fine motor task cards for composing and decomposing number activities.  This task card has 5 spiders on it.  Two spiders have orange dot stickers on them and 3 spiders have green dot stickers on them.

Encourage kids to describe the unique combinations they’ve made. You might find some kids proudly displaying three green spiders and two orange spiders on their cards, while others could go for one green spider and four orange spiders.

Now, here comes the fun challenge: ask each child to pick a different card and create a new arrangement with their color dots. Kids will have fun trying to find different combinations. Ask them to count all the spiders to make sure that they still have 5 total spiders on the card so that they can see that different combinations can equal 5.

A variety of spider theme fine motor task cards with orange and green dot stickers on them.

A Dot Sticker Dice Game

Use a small dot task card and a die for this activity. Kids can roll the die to learn how many stickers they should add to their task cards. They can continue rolling and adding stickers until the card is complete. Challenge them to roll the exact quantity at the end to complete the card.

dot sticker dice game with a fine motor task cards, small dot stickers and a die

A Beginning Letter and Sound Activity

The task card bundle includes a wide variety of seasonal designs. You can use them for fun hands-on alphabet and letter sound fine motor activities. A turkey card is perfect for a letter T activity. You can write a letter t on the dot stickers, and kids can make the t sound as they place the stickers on each turkey.

A turkey them fine motor task card printed on bright red paper and show with some plastic task boxes and dot stickers with the letter t written on them. - an example of a fine motor task card and letter sound activity for preschoolers.

A Sticker Reward Chart

While I’m not a supporter of individual sticker charts that are displayed publically in a classroom, there are some times when sticker charts are appropriate and effective for kids. And you can use these task cards as a simple reward chart for the whole class or at home.

Catch your kids exhibiting good behavior, like lining up after recess, using their inside voices, or helping at clean-up time. When you catch the class exhibiting good behavior, recognize it and ask a student to add a sticker to a reward task card. Then, when the task card is filled, the kids can all earn a special reward like a dance party, a hallway parade, or some extra time on the playground.

Homework or Take-Home Activity

It’s super easy to prep and send these cards home with kids. You can send them home for a fun homework activity.

Flower theme fine motor task cards with dot stickers stapled to them - an example of homework or take-home activity for preschoolers.

A Reading Log

I love to encourage parents to read to their children. You can send a task card and stickers home with your kids. Each time they read a book with their parents, children can add a sticker to their cards. When the card is filled, they can bring it back to school for a small reward.

Pumpkin fine motor task cards with a orange dot stickers and pile of children's books

Game Scorecards

Wanna add some fine motor fun to gross motor games? You can use these task cards as scorecards.

Let’s say your kids are throwing balls into a basketball hoop. Each time they make a basket, they can add a sticker to their “scorecard.” You can encourage them to add a sticker to their card to count their laps as they run around the playground.

green fine motor task cards shown in a basket with dot stickers and a small basketball and football.

For A Scavenger Hunt Activity

Do you want to know how to create a fun and easy scavenger hunt for your kids? Hide some objects around the room and ask the kids to find them. Each time they find one of the objects, they can add a sticker to their task card.

A turtle themed fine motor task cards shown with green dot stickers and a small plastic turtle - an example of a fun and simple scavenger  hunt activity for preschoolers.

Additional Ways to Use the Printable Fine Motor Task Cards

So, above I told you that the task cards can also be used for more than dot sticker activities. Let’s take a look at alllll the ways you can use these fine motor task cards.

Bingo Dauber Activity

Get out your bingo markers because the large dot cards work perfectly with them.

chick or bird fine motor task cards and bingo daubers or bingo markers

Finger Print Activity

Get out the stamp pads, and your kids can place fingerprints inside the circles on each task card.

a fine motor task card with a red stamp pad and shown with fingerprints on the task card.

Stamping Activity

Speaking of stamp pads, you can use small stamps to create images inside the large dots.

yellow fine motor task cards shown with a stamp pad

A pencil eraser makes a perfect little stamp that fits perfectly inside the small circles.

A gear themed fine motor task card printed on bright green paper shown with a pencil eraser and a purple stamp pad.

You can also use alphabet stamps to add letters inside the images.

A turkey fin motor task card, a stamp pad, and a letter t stamp.  Kids have stamped a letter t on each of the turkeys.

Q-tip Painting Activity

I love finding fun fine motor painting activities. Q-tip painting is a great way to work on finger control. The small dot fine motor task cards work perfectly for q-tip painting.

Valentines Day fine motor task cards used for q-tip painting.

Mini Playdough Mats

Laminate the large dot task cards and use them as mini-playdough mats. Encourage kids to roll up a small ball of playdough and then smash it on each circle on the card. Isn’t that a super simple playdough activity?

Bee, firework, sun, and sunglasses fine motor task cards used as mini playdough mats and shown with balls of yellow playdough.

Pom-poms and Tweezers

Get out the large plastic tweezers or tongs and some pom-poms. Kids can use the tweezers or tongs to place the pom-pom on the large dot task cards. Be sure to take a look at all the math activities above because you can do them with pom-poms instead of dot stickers.

cloud fine motor task card, blue plastic tweezers, and white pom-poms.

Buttons, Beads, and Baubles

Look through your supply closet, and I bet you can find all kinds of things to use with the cards. Here are some ideas:

Be creative and have fun!

fall theme fine motor task cards, show with fine motor task boxes and blue, clear disks.

Dots of Glue

You can use the small dot cards to help kids learn how to squeeze glue from a bottle. Show them that “just a dab will do” as you demonstrate adding a dot to each circle on the card. By the way, squeezing a glue bottle is a great way to build hand strength.

Purple fine motor task cards show with a task box and bottles of colorful glue.  The task cards has dots of blue glue on it.

Sequins and Rhinestones and More

While the simple act of adding a glue dot to the cards can motivate and satisfy kids, they can also add a sequin, rhinestone, small pebble, bead, or pom-pom on top of each glue dot.

bumble bee theme fine motor task cards printed on yellow paper with a bottle of yellow glitter glue and silver sequins

Make a Birthday Card

Do you need to make a card for a special occasion? After decorating a task card, you can help your kids paste it to the front of a piece of folded paper – TADA! – an instant greeting card.

Well, I hope you found some fun fine motor activity ideas that you will use. Do you use the fine motor task cards in a different way? I would love to hear all about it.

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Where to Buy Dot Stickers

You can often find dot stickers at office supply stores or in the office supply area in Wall-Mart and Target. Here are some dot stickers that I purchased from Amazon.

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