How to Make Frog Dancing Ribbons for Your Kids


Make frog-themed dancing ribbons with rubber flying frogs and some ribbon. The fun ribbons can be used for your frog theme or pond theme, spring theme unit, or lesson plans in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Use them for dancing and movement activities, counting activities, syllable activities, etc.

In a past article, I showed you how to make dancing ribbons with strips of plastic tablecloths.  Today, I’m going to show you how to make frog dancing ribbons for your kids.  When you have them all ready, kids can use them for fun activities.  They are a great addition to a frog theme or a pond theme unit or lesson plans.

How to make for dancing ribbons for your kids.


To make the froggy dancing ribbons, you will need just a few simple supplies.  I have included a few affiliate links at the bottom of this post for your shopping convenience. If you purchase something from a link, there will be no additional cost to you, but a small portion of your purchase will be used towards the cost of maintaining this website.

  • flying frogs
  • thin green ribbon – I used 1/4″ satin ribbon.  You can sub curling ribbon.
  • scissors
You just need a few supplies:  flying frogs, thin green ribbon and scissors.

Assemble the Dancing Ribbons

To begin, I cut two lengths of the thin ribbon.  Each of my ribbons was about 37 inches long.

Have fun making these cute adorable flying frog ribbons.

I then folded the ribbons in half and stuck the loop through the flying frog’s back legs.  The fold creates a loop as pictured below.

Double your ribbon for this frog ribbon activity.

I then stuck the ends of the ribbons through the loop.  This attaches the ribbons to the frog.  Because the frog is stretchy and rubbery I had to play a little bit to pull the ribbons tight.  Once it’s pulled tight, kids can hold onto the frog’s front legs as they wave the ribbons in the air.

Make sure you secure your ribbon tight to your frog.

Ideas for Dancing Ribbons

Now that the dancing ribbons are complete you can use them in so many ways.  Here are a few ideas.

  • Create shapes, letters, or numbers in the air with the dancing ribbons.
  • Use the ribbons to count and emphasize syllables in words or names.
  • Kids can use them as they jump around like frogs.  Roll some dice or use number cards to determine how many times they need to jump.
  • And you can always use them for a frog themed dance party.  Jim Gill’s Jumping and Counting song is the perfect song to use.

You can also use the frogs as the slingshot/flying frogs that they are.  Young kids will need some lessons to learn how to shoot them.  The cool thing about having a ribbon tied to their feet is that it slows them down so that won’t go flying all the way across the room.

Now you've made the flying ribbon frogs.

I hope you and your kids enjoy using these fun frog dancing ribbons.  Do you have additional ideas for using them?  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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