Fun Fine Motor Activities: How to Use These Bead Placement Printables


Are you looking for some fun fine motor activities for your kids?  I just completed a set of bead placement mats which includes 15 themes.  Check out all these ways that you can use the activity mats with your kids. 

fine motor skill activity mats to build pincer grasp
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Here are the quick links to purchase the printable fine motor activities today.

If you want to try them out, you can pick up a sample activity (ocean-themed) at the end of this post. You can use them for bead placement to sticker and stamping activities.

Now, let me show you some of the ideas for fun fine motor activities using this cute mats.

lady bug fine motor activity with beads

Bead Placement

Each activity mat has an image with white circles on it.  I designed them so that circles are just the right size for a pony bead.  Provide a variety of beads for your kids and they can sort through them, pick them up, and place them on the mats.

This makes a fun little fine motor activity for your kids.  The complete set includes 15 different themes, so you can use the printables throughout the year.

bead placement fun fine motor activities

bead placement activities - fine motor activity for preschoolers

The variety of themes will surely motivate those kids who really need some fine motor practice.

construction fine motor activity for preschoolers

Increase Difficulty

I love creating activities that are easy to differentiate.  These bead placement mats are no exception.  Some of your kids may need to work on placing the beads with their fingers.  Other kids, may need a more challenging activity.  Give them small tongs, tweezers, or training chopsticks to pick up the beads.

Additional Material Ideas

If you don’t have pony beads….no problem!  Here are some additional items that you can use for the activity:

  • small buttons
  • stones
  • vase fillers/baubles
  • small balls of playdough
ocean theme fine motor activity for preschool

ocean theme fine motor activity

Additional Ideas

I also added black and white versions of each mat.  Here are some additional activity ideas for you.

I found some small dot stickers that fit perfectly in the circles.  Kids can add the stickers to the printable….another great fine motor activity.

ocean theme fine motor activity with dot stickers

For another activity, you can get out an ink pad.  Kids can add little fingerprints inside each circle, or they can use a pencil eraser to add a circle stamp.

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fine motor skill activity mats to build pincer grasp
fine motor skills activities for preschoolers includes hole punch activities, scissor cutting practice, pre-writing strokes and tracing lines practice, and pincer grasp activities fine motor mats.