Fun Fine Motor Hole Punch Activities for the Whole Year


Kids love hole punch activities. Use these printables to build fine motor skills, hand strength, and hand-eye coordination in a fun and exciting way.

When you let kids use a hole punch, they not only have fun.  They build hand strength and finger control ….. which are skills that will help them as they learn to use scissors and grasp pencils.

Hole Punch Activities and fine motor activities for the whole year

Hole punch activities are fine motor activities that are very motivating because kids LOVE using hole punches.  I don’t know why punching holes into paper is so satisfying, but it is.

There are several different printable hole punch activities from my store featured in this post. They are available in my store, and you will find them all featured at the bottom of this page.

Hole Punch Strips

It’s fun to just give kids paper and a hole punch and let them create freely.  You can also give them printables to provide extra motivation.  Punching holes in the circles of the printables is also great for hand-eye coordination.

One of my favorite hole punch activities is also one of the simplest activities.

hole punch strips for fine motor practice

Kids can punch holes in the rows of circles in these strips of paper.  The printable includes two options for different skill levels.  If you don’t have the printables, you can easily make rows of circles on stips of paper with a marker or with dot stickers.

Use different colors of paper for more open-ended creative fun.  There are many ways to use the strips.

  • Staple a strip to make a bracelet.
  • Attach multiple strips together to make a headband
  • Combine strips to make necklaces.
  • Use the stips as a counting activity (count the holes).
  • Provide some ribbon for and make a lacing activity.

Do you need some decorations for your room?  Put them to work creating paper chains.

Make paper chains with hole punch strips

Hole Punch & Cut Strips

Hole punch and cut strips combine hole punching with a simple cutting practice activity. Kids can punch holes into the images on the strips and snip the pictures apart.

Do you want to combine some multi-sensory alphabet practice to your fine motor center? You can use alphabet hole punch strips to work on teaching the letters of the alphabet teach letter sounds, and build hand strength. I like encouraging kids to say the letter sound as they punch.

alphabet hole punch and cut strips fine motor activity for kids

You can also use the seasonal hole punch and cut strips for all your thematic units and lesson plans throughout the year.

seasonal hole punch and cut activity strips for kids

Hole Punch Shapes

Draw shapes on brightly colored paper and let kids punch holes along the shapes.  This is a great hands-on way to learn shapes.

shape hole punch activity for preschoolers

Additional Fine Motor Activities for All Seasons

In addition to the hole punch strips and shape printables, you can find a variety of seasonal hole punch activity printables to use throughout the year.

fine motor activities for the whole year

From spring and summer…..

spring hole punch shamrock activity

….to fall and winter.

fall leaves hole punch activity

Your kids will enjoy these fun fine motor activities throughout the year.

Christmas hole punch activity

Fine Motor Activities for Many Themes

From construction and transportation to space and oceans, you will find many different thematic fine motor printables in my hole punch activity set.

construction theme hole punch strips

space theme fine motor activity

The hole punch and cut activity strips are also filled with LOTS of seasonal activities.

back to school hole punch and cut activity strips for kids

Make Fine Motor Activity Boxes

Fill a photo storage box or plastic pencil box with a hole punch and some printables.  Tada….you have a fun fine motor activity kit.

caterpillar hole punch activity in a plastic box

Do you have some kids who could use some extra fine motor practice?  Send a kit home with them for the weekend.

butterfly fine motor activity with a hole punch in a box

Add a Contrasting Background

I love to add contrasting colored paper behind the hole punched image.

apple tree fine motor activity

Provide glue sticks, paper, crayons, etc.  Your kids will have so much fun creating that they won’t even know they are building muscles.

flower hole punch activity glued to paper

Hole Punching, Cutting, & Pasting

I love hole punch and cutting strips. Kids can begin by punching holes into the images. Then, they can snip the lines to cut the pictures apart, which is a great way to build scissor skills. Finally, to get even more fine motor practice, get out the glue sticks, and your kids can use the strips for a cutting and pasting activity.

cutting and pasting activities with printable

Purchase the Printables Today

Are you ready to help your kids build hand strength? You can purchase several fine motor activities in the store. Click on the picture below to purchase the fun fine motor hole punch printables today.

fine motor hole punch activities
fine motor activity bundle

What are Teachers Saying About Our Hole Punch Resources?

“I could definitely see an increase in their hand strength after they had been out for some time.”

Jenna D.

“ Wonderful fine motor resource and it’s an activity the children in my classroom can’t wait to go to, they love the different pictures to hole punch. I am happy it helps with their fine motor skills. Big hit in our room, thank you. ”

Sandy D.

“ This was a hit during our fun Friday activities. It seems like a game, but is actually working on fine motor skills. The older students in my class (3,4,5) all wanted a turn with these activities, so it ended up working for everyone in our class. Who knew paper punching could be so rewarding!”

Linda E.

My Prek homeschoolers have been loving hope punching activities lately. I love that these are super low prep, just print on plain or colored paper if you choose, and cut into strips! There is such a variety that it’s been easy to match them up with our thematic units!

Scot E.

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