Hands-on Gingerbread Activities that will Make Learning Fun


These hands-on gingerbread activities are perfect for literacy and math learning centers for the month of December.

Gingerbread is a great theme for December.  It has a Christmas feel without being overtly about Christmas.  I, personally, love gingerbread men (the tasty treat) and think that they should be celebrated all year.

Does anybody else agree?

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hands-on gingerbread activities -  a number and counting game is shown in the picture

Here are several hands-on gingerbread activities that can be found in my store.

Gingerbread Math Activities

There are so many ways that you can use these gingerbread number mats.

  • Kids can make balls of playdough to place on the gingerbread man’s buttons and on the ten frame.
  • They can use a roll of playdough to form the numeral, or they can use their fingers or a dry erase marker to trace it.
  • If you don’t want to use playdough you can also use pom-poms, mini-erasers, buttons, pieces of candy, etc.
gingerbread counting activity.  A number 6 gingerbread man number playdough mat

Ten- frames can be used in so many fun ways for independent learning and small group activities.  My favorite way to use them is by playing a fill-the-frame game.

Two players take turns using the spinner and race to see who can fill all the little gingerbread houses with gingerbread men.  I love a good race!  If you have some gingerbread mini erasers, you can certainly swap them out for the printable counters.

gingerbread math activity- two gameboards with two spinners - a gingerbread counting activity

Use the small number cards with a gingerbread playdough tray or you can create a matching activity.  Kids can match the number card to a ten-frame card.  Then, they can make the number on a large ten-frame.

gingerbread counting and math activity.  A number 7 card, gingerbread man counters, and a ten frame

Color and Size Sorting

My favorite activity in the gingerbread bundle is the gingerbread color and size sorting set.  Kids enjoy sorting the little gingerbread people by color.  There are gingerbread moms, dads, boys, and girls in three different sizes and ten different colors.

It’s so much fun to help the little ginger families find their correct home.

gingerbread house color matching and size sorting activity.  A printable purple gingerbread house and a variety of gingerbread men cards are shown.

The set also includes small, medium, and large sorting mats so that your kids can sort them by size.  It’s like a gingerbread party!

printable gingerbread house size sorting activities.  A small, medium and large gingerbread house are shown with various gingerbread man cards.

Gingerbread Playdough Mats

Like all of the activities in the bundle, the gingerbread playdough mats can be used in many different ways.

Combine them with number cards and buttons or playdough so that kids can practice counting.  Place in the bottom of a salt tray to practice writing letters on the gingerbread man’s belly.

How would you use them?

gingerbread man and gingerbread house activities - printable gingerbread playdough mats shown with playdough and buttons.

Gingerbread Literacy Activities

I showed you many ways to use the gingerbread alphabet cards in a previous post.  For an added challenge, kids can use the beginning sound cards that are included in the bundle.

  1. Kids can look for the beginning letter of each word on the cards.
  2. They can listen to the sound as they say the word.
  3. Then they can help the little gingerbread boy or girl find the correct letter house.
gingerbread activities - a printable alphabet and letter sound matching activity is shown.for the letter f.

For kids who are ready for more of a challenge, use the beginning sound cards without the words.  They will have to identify the sound and letter by listening as they say each word.

Letter h alphabet gingerbread activity for kids.

What Are Teachers Saying about the Gingerbread Activities?

I know that your kids will enjoy these fun activities.  Here is what teachers say about the Gingerbread Bundle.

  • “very simple and easy to make and use! very motivating too!”– Susan G.
  • “Loved these centers to help boost my gingerbread unit in the classroom! My students loved the activities” – Brianna M.
  • “This was easy to use. I used it for both small group and large group activities.”  -Kelcie M.
  • “Children loved this activity and I love the ability to do so many different activities within!” -Kimberly V.

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