Gingerbread Man Printable: Alphabet Activities for Kids


Kids will enjoy this free gingerbread man printable alphabet activity. Several ideas for hands-on alphabet and beginning sound activities are included.

Today I want to share a little gingerbread alphabet activity with you.  I am also going to give you a couple of ideas for using the free gingerbread man printable.

This activity is a perfect addition to your Christmas or gingerbread theme preschool or pre-k.  After printing the activity, I like to laminate the cards for durability.  The set includes uppercase and lowercase gingerbread boys and girls.  You can match uppercase to uppercase or you can match uppercase letters to lowercase letters.

gingerbread letter matching activity

Setting up the Gingerbread Letter Activity

It’s easy to make a little village of gingerbread letter houses. In my supply closet, I found some paper towel rolls, and it turns out that they worked perfectly.  

how to assemble the gingerbread alphabet activity with paper towel rolls

After cutting the rolls into small segments, I taped the gingerbread houses to the roll segments.

gingerbread house alphabet activity

Now my gingerbread houses stand up and I can make a cute little village.  I think that taping the houses to blocks would be a great idea too.  

You don’t have to use all of the gingerbread houses and gingerbread people at once.  Use an appropriate quantity of gingerbread houses and gingerbread boys and girls for your kids. Using too many can overwhelm young kiddos.

Where is the Gift? – Gingerbread Man Letter Identification Activity

gingerbread alphabet game

To help kids work on letter identification, I like to set up 3-5 houses at a time and hide something behind one of the houses when they aren’t looking.  I used a small little gift ornament, but you can really use any small item (a gumdrop, peppermint, little candy cane, eraser, etc.)

gingerbread alphabet game

Kids can try to guess where the item is hiding by naming the letter on the front of the house.  To make the activity a little bit more challenging, you can also ask them to make the sound that is associated with that letter.

Want more of a challenge?  You can also ask kids to tell you a word that begins with that letter.  If you hide a little gift like me,  you can pretend that something that starts with the featured letter is inside the package.  For example, when I hid the gift behind the letter D house, we decided that a dinosaur was inside the package.

Little Lost Gingerbread Girl- Letter Sound Practice

gingerbread alphabet game

Another fun way to play with the gingerbread alphabet activity is to pretend that the little gingerbread people are lost and have to walk around searching for their homes.  I pretend that the little gingerbread girl knocks on the door and the only way that the door will open is if she says the correct sound for that letter.  She then goes inside the house to go to sleep.

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