Discover the Joy of Hole Punching with These Hole Punch Printables for Kids


Have you ever tried hole punching with your kids? It’s a simple yet fun activity that kids of all ages enjoy! I’m going to share some exciting ideas for hole punch printables that your children will love.

Hole punch printables for kids.  The collage show a picture of a rocket hole punch card, an ocean themed hole punch activity, a butterfly hole punch craft, and a hole punch counting book

From hole punch letter activities to printable crafts and number activities, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s get started!

Printable Hole Punch Cards

These printable hole punch cards give your kids an opportunity to punch out parts of the images. In this space-themed card, kids can punch out the stars and then color the rocket.

space theme fine motor printable hole punch activities.  A rocket and stars printed on bright yellow paper shown with a hole punch.

The space hole punch card printables are part of the Hole Punch Activity set in my store.

Printable Hole Punch Strips

Looking for a fun and fine motor activity? Try hole punch strips! Simply cut strips of paper and let your child punch holes in them. You can then use these strips to create unique designs and decorations. The possibilities are endless!

hole punch strips for fine motor practice

The simple hole punch strips are part of the Hole Punch Activity set in my store.

Printable Hole Punch and Cutting Activities

Want to take hole punching to the next level? Combine it with cutting!

back to school hole punch and cut activity strips for kids

Print out these hole punch and cut strips, and your kids can punch holes into the little images on the strips. Then they can practice their scissor skills as they snip on the lines to cut the images apart.

Hole Punch Letter Activity Printable

Do you want to help your child learn the alphabet in a fun and engaging way? Try this hole punch letter activity!

alphabet hole punch and cut strips fine motor activity for kids

Print out letter strips and let your child use a hole puncher to punch a hole as they say the letter or letter sound. This activity is engaging, helps build hand strength, AND is a super multi-sensory way to learn letters and sounds.

cutting apart an alphabet hole punch printable activity

If you’re ready to learn the alphabet, these Alphabet hole punch strips are available in my store.

Free Hole Punch Printables

Looking for some free hole punch printables to try out with your kids? You can get a sample of one of the alphabet activities pictured above by visiting this post about the hole punch letter printables.

You can also get a free hole punch and cut strip activity in my FREE celebration-themed fine motor activity set. The free set includes a sample of all the fine motor skills activities included in my Yearlong Fine Motor Bundle.

birthday theme hole punch and cut activities in a white silverware tray.

Printable Hole Punching Crafts

Looking for something a little bit more creative? Why not try out these printable fine motor crafts that were specifically designed to help kids work on fine motor skills?

There’s no shortage of options -you can get these hole punching crafts in all different themes. I’m sure you will find something that excites your kiddos.

printable rocket craft activity with scissors and a hole punch. An example of easy space themed craft activities and fine motor activities for kids.
printable fine motor crafts for kids - the farm animal crafts include a cow, sheep, and pig.

I’m constantly creating new printable fine motor crafts, be sure to check out all the themes that are available.

Printable Hole Punch Number Activities

Want to help your child learn numbers in a fun and interactive way? Try hole punch number activities! Print out the number pages and let your child use a hole puncher to punch out the images on each page.

A page of a hole punch counting book. The page says I see five bubbles and includes images of 5 fish with a bubble above each fish.

I hope that you try some of these fun hole punch printables with your kids. They are fun, educational, and they will build strength in those little hands.

Get The Hole Punch Printables Today!

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