How to use a Pool noodle to Make Name Activities for Kids


Use a simple pool noodle to make fun name activities for kids. This is a great hands-on way to help kids recognize and spell their names. Directions for assembly and ideas for additional literacy activities are included.

Pool noodles are pretty inexpensive, and they are VERY versatile.  You can use the foam tubes for all kinds of activities……outside of the swimming pool. Let me show how to make name activities for kids from inexpensive pool noodles.

Name Activities with pool noodles

What Do You Need to Make The Name Activities for Kids?

I picked up some pool noodles at the Dollar Store.  For this activity, I just used one color of noodle, but you can use as many colors as you want.  I also used a serrated knife and a black permanent marker to create the activity. To play, you will also need a cardboard box or plastic container.

Grab a pool noodle for this name activity for kids.

How to Make The DIY Name Activities?

I used a large serrated knife to cut my pool noodles into small sections.  I cut through the backside of each of the sections.  Check out the photo above so that you can see what I’m talking about.  This cut will enable kids to attach the noodle section to the edge of a plastic container or a cardboard box.  Finally, I wrote a letter on the front of each section with a permanent marker.

Create your name activity for kids with pool noodles.

How To Use the Fun Name Activities

When all of the letter sections are prepared, kids can practice spelling their names as they attach each letter to the edge of a cardboard box or plastic container.

Practice spelling with this name activity for kids.

How to Use for Additional Literacy Activities

Don’t limit yourself to using these foam letters for just name activities. Check out these additional ideas.

Name Recognition:  If kids are not ready to spell names yet, you can make a name recognition exercise.  Name recognition is an important step for kids to eventually write their names. To do this, cut the pool noodles into larger sections and print an entire name on each section.  Add several sections/names to a container and ask a child to find his or her name.

Alphabet Activities:  Prepare noodle sections for all letters of the alphabet.  Place the letters in a large container.  Ask kids to identify the letter and/or the sound as they pull out each letter and attach it to the side of the container.

Word Family Activities:  Prepare noodles with consonants and word endings for CVC words.  For example, prepare a section with “at” written on it.  Then prepare several smaller sections…each with the letters “c”, “h”, “p”, “s” on them.  Attach “at” on the container and kids can place a beginning letter at the beginning to create different words.

Name activities with pool noodles

I hope that you enjoy making this name activity.  Want more pool noodle ideas?  You can use them in soooo many ways for art projects too.  Check out these pool noodle painting ideas.

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