This is What You Need to Make Name Practice Motivating: Name Activity Mats


There are so many ways that your kids can work on name practice with these editable name activity mats. You will love these multi-sensory name activities.

name activity for preschoolers
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Multi-Sensory Name Practice

These name activity mats from my store provide so many ways to work on name recognition and name writing skills.  The editable mats are divided into 4 different sections which will give your kids many ways to work on name practice.  Let me show you how you can use them.

Multi-Sensory Name Practice


Before using the name activity mats, you will need to customize them with your kids’ names.   The name activity mat PDF document is very easy to edit.  You will not need to download any new fonts onto your computer.  But, you will need to use the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit the document.

The document includes a class list form where you can type all of your kids’ names.  You will need to type the names and then type each individual letter of each name.

Editable Name List for your Name Practice.

When you add names to the class list form, they will be automatically added to the name mats on the document.  A print planner page is included so that you can easily see which pages you need to print.

Name Practice Motivation.

Two Versions

There are two versions of the name activity mats that you can use.  On one version, you can add a digital image to the upper-left corner before printing.  On the other version, the first letter of a child’s name is featured in the upper-left corner.

Name activity mats for name practice motivation.

Name Writing Practice

The top-right section of the name mat has an opportunity for kids to practice handwriting as they trace their names.   Provide a dry erase marker or crayon for them to use.

Practice handwriting as part of your name mat activities.

Cover, Trace, or Rainbow Write a Name

In the center section of the mats, names are printed with large bubble letters.  There are many name activities that you do with in this section of the mat.

Here are some ideas:

  • Form the letters with playdough.
  • Kids can use their index finger to finger-trace the name.
  • Provide multiple colors of markers or crayons so that kids can rainbow write their name.
  • Kids can cover the letters with small items such as beans, buttons, or beads or mini erasers.
So many options with these name mat activity pages.

Name Puzzle & More

The final section of the name activity mat is blank and provides an opportunity for kids to learn to construct or spell their names.

Kids can use printable letter squares, which are part of the editable document, in this space.  There are also many different ways that you can use this space on the name activity mat.

  • Kids can write their names in this space.
  • They can use magnetic letters, or letter beads to spell the name.
  • Use letter stamps to stamp the name.
  • They can stamp their name into a glob of playdough or sensory sand.
Name practice with name mats.

Make a Worksheet

In addition to the full-color options, the name activity mats document includes a black and white ink-saving option.  These look awesome when printed on brightly colored paper or you can use them to create an instant home worksheet.

Make a worksheet with your name activity mats.

What Teachers Are Saying About This Resource?

I know that your kids are going to enjoy using these name activity mats.  Here are some things that teachers just like you are saying about them.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Easy way to individualize for each student and they really enjoy using their name mats. It helped many with learning their names this year. Thank You so much!” – Heather L.

“Thank you! These are so easy to edit and print, I can’t thank you enough! I have purchased dozens of other similar and just had to give up because it was too complicated. This is a life saver! Just what I needed and quick and easy to edit for my needs. Thank you!” – Kathryn D.

“Awesome that it copies the name throughout the document! Absolute time saver and my kids loved using it when they finished their work.” – Tahni R.

“This has been such a helpful product for my PreK class! The kids love it using it, and it was super easy to put together on my part!” – Andrea H.

Start Using the Name Mats Today

The Name Activity Mats are available in the store.  You can purchase the resource individually or part of the Name Activity Bundle.  Click on the images below to check them out.

name activity for preschoolers
name activities bundle

Do you prefer to shop at Teachers Pay Teachers? You can also purchase the Name Activity Mats and the Name BUNDLE in my TPT Store.