[one-half-first]Looking for new art activities for kids? Bubble painting is a fun process art activity for your kids in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classroom. Check out these tips and tricks. There are many opportunities to explore and experiment....a fun opportunity for creativity. Children can look at how the colors mix and blend together. Use all the colors of the rainbow or use seasonal colors. Spring, summer, winter, fall, your can make bubble art projects year round. #preschool #processart[/one-half-first] [one-half]Here is a fun activity idea for your all about me theme unit and lesson plans in preschool and pre-k. Kids will love this free printable that is simple enough for your students in an early childhood setting. A great activity for the beginning of the year literacy center. Bind the pages into a class book to share during circle time or in your classroom library. Help kids to get to know each other during the first week of school #preschool #earlylearningideas #beginningoftheschoolyear[/one-half] [one-half-first]Check out these fun name activity ideas that you can use in the preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classroom. Kids love themselves and they love their name. That's why using name activities is a super way to help kids learn about early literacy concepts in a meaningful way. Perfect for your literacy centers, this article has tons of ideas from free printables to circle time ideas. Young children can work on learning and spelling their name while learning letter sounds. #nameactivities[/one-half-first] [one-half]Use these fun editable crayon name puzzles to work on name recognition and a variety of literacy activities with your kids. Your class will love these personalized printable puzzles. Use them in your preschool, pre-k and kindergarten class to work on name recognition, alphabet knowledge, letter recognition and learning a variety of pre-literacy skills. Perfect for your literacy centers. #preschool #nameactivities #alphabetactivities[/one-half] [one-half-first]Letter activities like letter collages or letter mats are a great hands-on way to teach letter identification and reinforce letter-sounds. Here are over 200 material ideas that you can use for your collages or letter mats. A printable reference list or art and other materials are included. Better than worksheets, these are the perfect fun literacy activity for your preschool and pre-k classroom or lesson plans. Your young children will love this sensory learning opportunity. #preschool[/one-half-first] [one-half]Use this free template to make name cards for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten word wall. The free printables are great for your writing center, circle time activities, literacy centers. Great for name spelling, name recognition and name writing, and phonemic awareness activities when teaching in an early childhood classroom. Use the fun name cards in pocket charts, on bulletin boards too. Children will especially love that they can see their pictures and names on your word wall.[/one-half] [one-half-first]Use this fun activity featuring measurement for kids in your math or STEM learning center. Kids weigh containers of everyday objects in a bucket balance scale. Your children will have fun while learning the concepts of heavy and light and also learn to sort the objects by weight. Perfect for your preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classroom. This hands-on learning center can be used for any theme or lesson plans....just use thematic materials in the containers...ideas are included. #preschool[/one-half-first] [one-half]Plastic bottle caps are perfectly sized for little hands and can be used for so many things. Here are 25 ways to use plastic bottle caps for learning activities with kids. Perfect for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, prep, and SPED. Activities and ideas for math centers, literacy centers, reading centers, sensory bins, etc.[/one-half] [one-half-first]Help kids who are learning the alphabet work on letter formation with a simple DIY salt tray. Increase their excitement and sensory input with these creative ideas for materials and mix-ins. Salt trays are a great fine motor activity and a low-stress way to work on writing letters...even for kids with low fine-motor skills. Here are tons of ideas for products and materials to use to make fun writing activities for your preschool and pre-k classroom #preschool #alphabetactivities #finemotor[/one-half-first] [one-half]Use these free rhyming picture cards with the Down By The Bay song. Kids love matching the rhymes on the cards and using them to extend the classic song during circle time. Use with the song, book, or use them for matching activities....a fun way for teaching rhymes. The free printables are perfect for your preschool, SPED, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom....a silly way to introduce the early literacy concept of rhyming to young kids. #rhymingactivities #preschool[/one-half] [one-half-first]Find activities and ideas for your My Family or All about Me theme unit or lesson plans in your preschool or pre-k classroom. Kids can draw pictures or add a photo of their family on this free printable activity sheet. Use as a take-home activity to get parents involved. Display on the bulletin board or bind all your students' pages together to make a class book to share at circle time or leave in your class library. Use at Thanksgiving or during the first week too. #preschool[/one-half-first] [one-half]Use these free fire truck printables to fun way to teach number recognition and number order. Both fire truck number puzzles will be great addition to your community helpers theme, fire safety theme, or firefighters theme unit and lesson plans in preschool or pre-k. Teachers and children will love these fire trucks and firemen free printables. Make math learning fun for kids. #preschool #prek[/one-half] [one-half-first]Here is a list of the best fun preschool movement songs. Try out a few of these silly action songs to get your preschoolers moving and grooving. These are great circle time ideas and music ideas for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten. Includes links to youtube preschool songs. Work on gross motor skills coordination. Your kids will love to dance and sing along with these early childhood favorites. #preschoolsongs #preschool #circletimesongs #circletime[/one-half-first] [one-half]Use these free printables in your math centers in your preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classroom. Kids will love this bear color graph set to work on early math skills. Several math games and activity ideas are included.  Kids will have fun will learning colors identification, color sorting, counting, and number comparison.  Perfect for your bear or hibernation themed unit or lessons plans, but can be adapted for any theme or used with different types of counters. #preschool #preschoolmath[/one-half] [one-half-first]Repeated exposure to rhyming activities helps build this important early literacy skill. Here are many activity ideas to teach kids to rhyme. From games, books, songs, fingerplays, printables, there are lots of ideas to play with words and build phonological awareness with your preschool and pre-k kids. Fun, silly, funny....young children love rhyming activities at circle time. More than nursery rhymes and Dr. Seuss. Your kids will love these teaching ideas. #preschool #rhymingactivities[/one-half-first] [one-half]Find everything you need for playdough activities in your classroomor. Learn about the benefits of playdough, the best playdough tools, ideas for mix-ins, ideas for invitations to play, plus find printable playdough mats. A great resource to get ideas for your playdough center or station in your preschool or pre-k classroom, or if you want to get fresh ideas for fine motor or sensory activities. #playdough #preschoolactivities[/one-half] [one-half-first][/one-half-first] [one-half]Are you looking for fun ideas for the dramatic play area in your preschool classroom? Learn how to set up an animal shelter dramatic play area. Ideas for props, dress up clothes, literacy opportunities, and a free printable collar tag are included. This is a perfect addition to your pet theme, animal theme, or community helper theme unit and lesson plans. Teach kids about the importance of animal adoption and the role of animal shelters in our community. #preschool #dramaticplay #prek[/one-half] [one-half-first][/one-half-first] [one-half][/one-half]