This is What Happens When you Combine a Preschool Counting Activity with Art


Here is an easy preschool counting and creating activity that your kids will enjoy. Use dice, a few creative materials that you have on hand, along with the free printable maker mat for this fun preschool STEAM math and design activity.

Today I want to share an idea for an easy counting activity combined with an open-ended creative activity.

Preschool Counting Activities.

Supplies Needed

To play, you will need the following supplies:

  • Printable maker mat
  • a die or a set of dice
  • Materials that can be used for both counting and creating (ideas….craft sticks, cotton swabs, toothpicks, pipe cleaners etc)
  • play dough (optional)

Download the Free Printable Maker Mat

If you want to use a maker mat for this activity, I have a free printable one for you.  Click on the following link to get your printable:

Preschool Counting and Creating Free Printable

The maker mat is also included in the Count and Create Activity Set in my store.  After you print out your maker mats you can laminate them for durability.

How to Play

There is a lot of flexibility with this math activity.  You can use your choice of materials (craft sticks, cotton swabs, cotton balls, pom-poms, blocks, pipe cleaners, waxed yarn, etc)  Be creative.  There are all kinds of dice out there.  Choose dice that are appropriate for your kids.  You can use a single die, a die with extra sides, or multiple dice.  If you use more than one, you can work on simple addition with your kids.

Use multiple materials you have around your classroom or house for these preschool counting activities.

To play, kids roll the dice and count the appropriate number of materials.  They can then use those materials to make a creation on their maker’s mat.  When their creations are complete, the children can make another design/creation with the same materials,…or they can roll and select a different quantity.

A 3-D design

You can add a ball of play dough to the maker mat before you begin.  Kids can use the play dough, along with their counted materials, to create a 3-dimensional design.  Want to make your own playdough?  Try my quick playdough recipe.

A 3-D design as part of your preschool counting activity.

Additional Ideas

Additional ideas for your preschool counting activity.
  • Roll two dice, count the materials, and write the addition equation on the maker mat.
  • Use two different materials and a die for each material.  Roll a die for each material and create the design with both materials
  • Supply blank books so that your kids can draw pictures of their designs in their books.
  • Make extra copies of the maker mats.  Kids can glue their materials onto the mats so they can take the project home.
  • Take photos of the creations.  Print the photos and make a number book for your kids.
  • Add a fine motor twist.  Ask kids to grab the materials with a pair of tongs or large tweezers as they count

I hope that you enjoy this preschool counting activity.  If you do, you might be interested in the complete Count and Create Set in my store.  The complete set contains 13 numbered material cards (1-20) in addition to makers mats.  Kids can select cards to determine the number of materials that they need to use in their designs.

Preschool maker mats as part of your counting activities.

The set also includes a black and white version of both cards and maker mats.  The activity is a great way to combine math and open-ended creation.

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