A Preschool Mother’s Day Gift that Moms Will Absolutely Love


This simple keepsake book is the perfect preschool Mother’s Day gift. No special supplies are needed and Mom will love this unique gift.

Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a creative and easy preschool Mothers Day gift for your kids to give to their mom?  I have the perfect gift idea for you!

I must admit that there are a lot of cute crafts that kids can give to their mom on her special day. But I really love this easy project….and Moms will, too!

Moms will LOVE this unique DIY book that you can print and help your kids customize. It’s kind of like an all-about-mom questionnaire in a simple book form that is designed especially for younger kids. It’s a handmade gift that will be cherished…and, it’s so much fun to make with young kids.

A simple printable preschool mothers day book for kids to make for their mom
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What Supplies Do I Need To Make This Preschool Mother’s Day Gift?

One of the best parts about this simple project is that you don’t need special supplies to make these keepsake books. If you want a mess-free project, this is the perfect choice.

So, put away the hot glue gun, egg cartons, and pipe cleaners!

This printable document can be purchased at my store, and all you have to do is print it on paper. Then, supply crayons, markers, or colored pencils to complete a personalized preschool Mother’s Day gift.

How Many Versions of the Mother’s Day Book PDF Are Included?

The printable books come in four different versions for that special person.  A mom and grandma version both feature US spelling, and a mum and grandmother version features UK/Aussie spelling.

I like to print the cover on colorful paper or card stock and then print the inside pages on white paper.

a simple and easy preschool mothers day gift for preschoolers to make for mom

How To Make A Unique Mother’s Day Gift

A Mother’s Day book is the best Mother’s Day gift because it will be a keepsake that mothers will hold on to for years.

The preschool Mother’s Day gift book begins with a picture page, and kids can draw a picture of their mom. They can draw Mom’s face or even a whole family portrait.

A child drawing in a book - a printable book is a great and easy preschool mothers day book for kids to make.

Then, there are some simple questions that kids can answer about their mother.  You can help the kids fill in the answers, and they can color the pages with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

The answers are sure to make Mom smile!

Customize the DIY gifts as you see fit. You can use all of the pages, or you can select and use your favorites.

It's easy to help kids make a special mothers day book for their mom.  The  printable preschool mothers day gift is simple and easy to make.

There are opportunities for kids to let Mom know how special she is.

A printable customized mothers day pdf that you can help preschoolers make - An easy preschool mothers day gift to make

There are pages to talk about favorite foods, favorite activities, and favorite things about the special lady in their life.  Mom will love reading this.

A personalized mothers day book for kids to make.  These pages show My favorite food that mom makes and a favorite thing to do with mom.  The printable pdf is an easy preschool Mothers Day book for kids to make for mom.
A page of a customized printable Mothers Day book open to a page that says My mom is really good at... The book is an easy preschool Mothers Day gift for kids to make.

Finally, there is a Happy Mother’s Day page.  Kids can work on fine motor skills as they practice letter formation and trace the words.  The grandmother/grandma versions also include a Happy Grandparent’s Day page.

A printable Mothers Day book is an easy preschool Mothers day gift for kids to make.  On this page, kids can color a picture and trace the words Happy Mothers Day.

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