5 Types of Printable Cutting Practice Activities for Your Kids


Are you looking for fun ways to help your kids boost their cutting skills? Printable cutting practice activities are a great way to help your kids develop their scissor skills. From simple printable cutting worksheets to more complex cut-and-paste crafts, I’m sure you will find the perfect cutting practice printables for your kids.

How Do You Practice Cutting Skills?

Kids need to take time to practice their cutting skills. When kids find cutting difficult, sometimes it becomes difficult to motivate them to practice. That’s why this printable cutting practice activity can be so helpful.

Simple Printable Cutting Practice Worksheets

You can use simple cutting practice worksheets and snipping strips to help your kiddos with their scissor skills development. Look for printable worksheets in a variety of different themes so that you can find something that will excite and motivate your kids.

snip strips to help kids develop scissor skills - an example of simple printable cutting practice printables

For beginners, look for snipping practice printables. Once your kids master snipping, you can challenge them to cut simple straight paths, curved paths, and then more complex paths.

printable cutting practice worksheets

It’s easy to help your kids work on things like holding scissors and scissor skill development while they use simple cutting worksheets.

Want to try out some Free printable cutting practice worksheets? Complete the form on THIS PAGE and I’ll send a set of ocean-themed fine motor printables (that includes printable cutting practice pages) directly to your inbox.

Printable Cutting Practice – Fold-and-Cut Activities

Printable worksheets are great, but I find that kids get more excited when their cutting has a purpose….when they are cutting to create something.

That’s why kids LOVE these fold-and-cut activities.

All you need is a printable sheet and a pair of scissors, and kids will be motivated to practice cutting. Let me show you how to use printable fold and cut activity sheets.

barn printable cutting activity

Here’s a video of a few of the fold-n-cut activities

You can make your own fold and cut activities by tracing half a shape onto a piece of folded paper. The printable fold and cut activities pictured are part of my Seasonal Fold and Cut Activities set. The set includes 38 different designs for all seasons (spring, summer, winter, fall, Halloween, Christmas…etc)

The printable Fold and Cut Sheets are very easy to prep for your kids…which makes them a fun & quick great fine motor craft or activity. Each of the designs print 2 per page. So, all you need to do is:

  1. print
  2. cut the pages in half
  3. fold on the dotted line
fold and cut - printable cutting practice activity - face

Once the activity is prepared, it’s time to start cutting!

Have the child hold the paper so that the design is facing up. They can cut on the lines with scissors.

face printable cutting practice activity

Now is the FUN part. Are you ready for it?

It’s time for the BIG REVEAL! When kids finish cutting, show them how to unfold the paper. Be sure to watch their faces as they unfold their paper. I LOVE watching the excitement on their little faces!

After opening the paper, they can get creative with crayons, markers, glitter, yarn, torn paper, etc.

face fold and cut craft activity and scissor skill activity

Repeat with other designs or printable sheets. From easy printable Valentine crafts to fall leaves and winter hats, you will find printable cut out activities for all seasons.

Valentine cutout crafts printed on red and pink paper.
house printable cutting practice
fall leaves, acorn, feather printable cutting practice activities
winter hat cutting practice activity

Want to try out a free fold and cut activity with your kids? Complete the form on this page, and I’ll send you a set of celebration-themed fine motor activities. The free printable includes a fold-and-cut activity for cutting practice.

Use Printable Cut and Paste Activities for Cutting Practice

A simple cutting and pasting activity can be an easy effective tool to help your kids get needed cutting practice. Look for a cut-and-paste activity with straight lines for beginning cutters.

easy cutting and pasting activities - apple tree and house - an example of a printable cutting practice activity

Cutting Practice with Printable Craft Activities

Printable fine motor crafts are an extremely versatile tool. I designed the printables to help kids build fine motor skills in an exciting way.

They will build scissor skills as they cut out the parts of each craft. You can differentiate the project by pre-cutting the more complex shapes if needed.

printable fine motor crafts for kids - the farm animal crafts include a cow, sheep, and pig. - an example of a printable cutting practice activity.

In addition to cutting practice, the printables include dotted lines for tracing practice so that they can work on their pencil grip.

Because so many kids need to build hand strength, each printable craft also has circles that kids can punch out with a hole punch. Did you know that hole punch activities are great for building hand strength?

Want to see what types of crafts you can get for cutting practice? Check out this article on printable fine motor crafts for kids.

Benefits of Printable Cutting Practice Activities for Kids

There are many benefits of this printable cutting practice activities for kids. These activities:

  • help improve fine motor skills
  • help develop scissor skills
  • build confidence
  • are motivating and satisfying
  • can be done again and again …… your kids will love them
Christmas printable cutting practice printable - a foldable cutting activity - gingerbread, Christmas tree, and bell

Additional Cutting Practice Activities

If you’re looking for more printable cutting practice activities for kids, be sure to check out the following activities as well.

Printable Cutting Practice Activities In The Store

Printable cutting practice activities are a great way to help your kids develop their scissor skills. All you need is a printable sheet and a pair of scissors. These activities also improve fine motor skills, develop scissor skills, and build confidence. They are motivating and satisfying, and your kids will do them again and again.

Print out some fold and cut activity sheets today and let your kids have fun while they practice their cutting skills.

Are you ready to get started on some fold and cut activities with your kids? Check out these great printables in the store.

fold and cut activities to practice scissor skills
fine motor activities for the whole year
easy cut and paste activities for kids
fine motor scissor skills and cutting practice activities for preschool and kindergarten

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