Spider Activities and a Free Printable Spider Emergent Reader


Your children will love this bundle of spider learning activities. The printable spider emergent reader in the bundle can be downloaded for free.

Your kids will love this free counting book that features not-so-creepy spiders and the numbers 1-5.  The book is part of my Spiders Activity Bundle, but you can get it for free below.  It’s perfect for Halloween, fall, or any time you learn about spiders.

Spider emergent reader.

Easy to Assemble Books

The book is easy to assembly.  It prints two books per page.  I like to staple a set of pages together and then cut the set down the middle.  Tada….super simple!

Hints on how to assemble your spider printable emergent reader.

Two Version are Included

When you download the document, you will see that two versions of the books are included.  The first version features numbers.  Kids can read the simple, predictable text, find the number, and count the spiders on each page.

Counting spiders with your printable emergent reader.

The second version has a blank space where kids can practice writing the number or number word.

Spider printable emergent reader

The final page of each book features all of the numbers with rows of spiders to color.

Color the spiders in patterns for extra learning with your emergent reader.

Additional Spider Activities in the Bundle

If you are looking for additional spider activities for your kids, they will enjoy the additional activities in the full Spider Activities Bundle from my store.  Here are a few of my favorite activities in the set.  There is a spider alphabet matching activity.  You can use this one as an independent activity or as a small group game.

Spider bundle ideas that match your spider emergent reader.

The spider color match and size sorting activity is the most popular activity in the set..  Kids place spiders on their correctly colored web, but they can also sort the spiders by size…small, medium, and large.

Sort your spiders by color or size with this bundle activity that goes along with your emergent reader.

This hands-on math activity is one of my favorites because there are so many ways that you can use it with your kids.  Use it for focusing on simple one-to-one correspondence to simple addition and everything in between.

Use the ten-frame for other math center activities that match your spider emergent reader.

Use the cute printable spiders or use some creepy plastic ones.  Kids will love the ideas included in the activity.

Activities that go along with your spider emergent reader.

Download the Printable Spider Emergent Reader

You can find your free copy of this cute emergent reader at my store where it is currently listed as a freebie.  To download it today, click on the link below:

Free Printable Spider Emergent Reader

I hope that you enjoy the little printable spider emergent reader freebie.  I have more spider activity ideas on this website.  Here is an article about fun spider activities. Here are even more activity ideas, and here is an article about spider web art activities for your kids.