How to Use CVC Rhyming Clip Cards for Fun Rhyming Practice


These CVC rhyming clip cards will help your kids see and hear rhymes in simple CVC words. Kids love clipping clothespins on the matching words, and it even gives them a little bit of fine motor practice.

cvc rhyming clip card activity
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Why Teach Rhyming Words to Preschool & Kindergarten Kids?

Teaching rhyming words to preschool and kindergarten kids is an important part of helping them develop phonological awareness and early literacy skills. Working with words that rhyme is fun and engaging, and also helps children recognize and work with the sounds within words.

Not sure where to begin with rhyme instruction? This article about how to teach rhyming words to kids in preschool and kindergarten is a great place to start.

Once you begin to introduce the concept of rhyme to your kids, you can use these rhyming match clip cards to practice and reinforce their ability to hear words that rhyme.

How to Use CVC Rhyming Clip Cards

There are many great rhyming activities and rhyming games for preschoolers and kindergarteners. This set of CVC Rhyming Clip Cards has been tested by thousands of teachers and are one of the most popular printable activities in my store. They feature simple and easily decodable CVC words.

What are CVC Rhyming Words?

Not familiar with CVC words? They are short, three-letter words like ‘dog’, ‘hot’, ‘lot’ and ‘tot’. They are called CVC words because they begin and end with a consonant and have a vowel in the middle ….Consonant, Vowel, Consonant. They are simple words that provide a great way to help kids learn to recognize patterns in words, and eventually decode and spell words.

Rhyming Picture Cards

The top part of each card has a bright, clear picture and word.  There are three pictures on the bottom of each card and kids can select the one that rhymes with the large image/word on the top.

cvc rhyming clip cards with a match for the rhyming words ram and jame

Two Levels of Clip Cards

The resource includes two levels/sets of cards.  One set has the words written at the bottom and one does not.

Two levels for cvc rhyming clip cards to use for fun activities for rhyming words

If you are familiar Science of Reading, you have heard that phonological awareness should be all about listening to and hearing the sounds in words. So, many teachers prefer to use the cards without labels.

Other teachers prefer to use the picture cards with words because it provides multi-sensory input. Kids can listen to the words as they say them, and they will also see the letters associated with those words.  This can help kids build alphabetic knowledge and they will often begin to recognize that the words that rhyme have the same ending letters and sounds.

One teacher reported, “The visuals and the words written at the bottom have really helped my students of all levels take off with rhyming!”

Use the set of cards that YOU prefer.

How to Assemble and Prep The Rhyming Activity

The clip cards are very easy to assemble.  Just print, laminate, and cut on the dotted lines.  Each set comes with a cover so that you can punch a hole in the cards and hold them together with a binder ring.

a picture with scissors and printable CVC rhyming clip cards 
demonstrating that the cvc rhyming match clip cards are easy to prep and assemble.

The resource also includes printable arrows.  Attach them to clothespin clips with tape or hot glue.  When you attach the arrows, the point should be at the open end of the clothespin.  Now kids can attach the arrow clip to the correct picture on the bottom of each card.

There is a bonus …… using the clothespin clip is also a great fine motor activity for your kids.

clothespin clips to use with cvc rhyming clip cards activities for rhyming words

Make Self-Checking Activities for Rhyming Words

If you want to make the cards “self-checking,” you can add a dot or a sticker on the back of the card to indicate the correct choice.

stickers on the back of cvc rhyming clip cards demonstrating that you can make the fun activities for rhyming words self-checking

How to Use Printables – Activities for rhyming words

Now that you have your printables all prepped, you can use them for a variety of fun activities for rhyming words.

Kids can identify and say the word featured on the top of each card. Then, they should say each of the words on the bottom of the card to identify the one that has the same rime or ending sounds as the featured word.

CVC rhyming clip cards showing a rhyming match with the words cat and bat

You can use these fun rhyming activities as

  • a small group activity
  • An independent activity (see directions to make it self-checking)
  • a rhyming game
  • assessments
  • take-home activity
CVC rhyming clip cards with a rhyming match for the words hop and mop

Fun Activities for rhyming words

Do you want to challenge your little learners even more?  Here are some additional literacy activity ideas:

Blending Onset and Rime – As kids to segment the onset and rhyme of the words on the cards, and then blend them together to say the word. /h/ -op, hop

Isolate Onset (beginning sound/phoneme) from Rime – Ask kids to listen and tell you the beginning sound of a word. “What is the first sound that you hear when I say the word bib?”

Manipulate Onset to Create a New Rhyming Word – ask kids to change the the beginning sound of a word to create a new and rhyming word. “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with zip, but it starts with the /d/ sound.

Produce Additional Rhymes – Ask kids to produce another word (real or silly) that rhymes with the words on the picture card.

Letter Practice – Kids can look through the cards and identify letters that are in their names, letter that they know, the letter of the week, or words that have the same letters.

What Teachers are saying:

Thousands of teachers have used these printable activities. Here is what just a few had to say after using it in their classroom:

My students loved using this product. It was a great addition to the lesson. Thank you! This is probably my favorite purchase from TPT. I am a reading specialist for multiple grades so this was not the only grade that I purchased. Well worth it. Plan to use it for a long time.
Victoria S.
Reading Specialist
Love this product! My kiddos were having a difficult time with rhyming. This product has made it easier for them to be able to produce and give me a rhyming word. My students can now match rhyming pictures! Thank you!

Irma T.

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cvc rhyming clip card activity
Rhyming practice activities for kids

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