How to Use This Free Printable Template to Make a Cool School Bus Craft


I have a fun activity for you and your kids! I know that they will LOVE making this school bus craft activity.

Wanna know the cool part?

While your kids are having fun creating their school bus craft from the printable template, they will also build essential fine motor skills!

School Bus Craft and fine motor activities shown with a glue stick and a hole puncher.

Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

Fine motor skills are crucial for children’s development as they enable them to perform essential tasks like grasping objects, writing, and self-care activities with precision and control.

Have you noticed how kids are showing up at preschool with not-so-great fine motor skills these days? I hear about this struggle all the time from preschool teachers.

That’s why I started creating engaging fine motor activities to help kids beef up those skills. Last year I started making a bunch of different printable fine motor crafts…made specifically with features to help kids build fine motor skills.

Teachers, kids, and parents love the crafts, and I want you to be able to try one out, so be sure to read through the whole article and get the free printable school bus craft template at the end.

How Will This Craft Benefit Kids?

My printable fine motor craft activities give kids the opportunity to work on the following fine motor skills.

A printable school bus craft.  The cut and paste paper craft is show with scissors, glue stick, and a hole pucnh.

Kids who struggle with low fine motor skills often avoid activities that require using those skills. That’s why it’s important to find motivating activities for your kiddos. These simple craft activities fit the bill. I think you will find that your kids especially love any kind of activity that invovles hole punches.

I had so much fun designing many different fun fine motor craft sets. You can get fun activities for every season and many themes, so you should be able to find something for everyone.

But before you purchase one, I want you to try one out for free. Be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this post to get your free school bus craft template sent to your inbox.

Printing and Prep for the School Bus Craft

Before you download your activity, I want to show you some details. First, let’s take a look at the printing options.

No-Prep Option

I know that you often have little time to prep activities. That’s why each of my printable fine motor craft sets includes a no-prep option.

no prep cut and paste school bus craft printed on white paper and shown with a bowl of crayons.

When you use the no-prep option, all of the pieces needed are on one page. Your kids can color, cut out, and complete the craft activity.

printable school bus craft shown with crayons

Individual Parts Option

You also have the option of printing the individual parts separately.

school bus craft template printed on colorful paper.

This gives you the ability to print the parts on different colors of paper and requires less coloring from your kids.

printable school bus craft template printed on yellow, blue, black and red paper and shown with scissors.

How to Make the School Bus Craft

After you have printed everything for your kids, it’s time to create a school bus. If you need some help adapting this activity to meet the needs of your kids, check out this article about how to differentiate crafts.

Coloring and Tracing

Encourage your kids to color the pieces (if needed) before they cut them out. It’s easier to do it first.

cut and coloring the school bus craft and fine motor activity

Take a look at the body and the wheels of the school bus craft template. Do you see the dotted lines? These are tracing lines, and they will give your kids a little bit of practice holding and controlling a crayon.

Check out this article to learn more about pencil grip stages.

tracing lines on the school bus craft

Cutting and Snipping

After coloring and tracing, it’s time to cut out all the school bus parts. The printable crafts have big, bold lines that are easy to follow.

Now, do you see the small lines along the bottom of the body of the bus (by the wheel wells)? These are snipping lines. Show your kids how to snip these lines.

school bus paper craft template with scissors.

Even if your kids are beginning cutters and you need to assist them with cutting out the pieces, they should be able to snip on or close to the lines.

Hole Punching the School Bus Craft

Now it’s time for the most exciting part…..hole punching. Demonstrate to your kids how to use a hole punch to cut out the circles on the body of the bus.

printable school bus craft and hole punching activity shown with a red hole punch.

Paste the School Bus Parts Together

Finally, it’s time to put it all together with a little glue. Adding paste and attaching pieces together is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Tada! Doesn’t it look great?

school bus craft with a glue stick.

Additional Ideas for the School Bus Craft

You can also encourage kids to get creative and make the craft their own. Here are some ideas:

  • Draw faces in the windows
  • Decorate the bus with sequins, gems, glitter glue or stickers
  • Attach the school bus craft to a large piece of paper and create a background for the bus.

Download Your Free Printable School Bus Craft Template

Are you ready to get started making a cute school bus craft with your kids? Fill out the form below, and I’ll send the printable template directly to your inbox.

free school bus craft printable

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Craft Activities on TPT

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