How to Use These Free Printable Shape Cards


Use these free printable shape cards to teach 2-dimensional shapes. Directions include many ways to add texture to the cards to create a hands-on sensory learning activity. Kids can trace the textured shapes with their fingers or use them for tracing practice.

I learn best when I can feel, touch, or experience something….and many kids do too. Today, I have some printable shape cards for you and I will show you how you can add some texture to the shape cards.  Kids can trace the textured shapes with their fingers to get some sensory input as they learn each shape.

How to use the free printable shape cards.

You can make your own shape cards by drawing shapes on index cards. Click the link below to get your copy of my free printable shape cards.

Printable Shape Cards

I like to print the cards on brightly colored card stock.  Once you have them printed, there are many ways that you can add textures to the shapes.  Here are a few ideas.

Sand Shape Cards

To make sand textured shapes I added a line of glue to the outline of each shape.  Then, I sprinkled some colored sand onto the wet glue and shook off the excess sand.

Sand Shape Cards.

When the glue dried, I added a second line of glue on top of the sand.  I could still feel the texture of the sand after applying the second layer of glue.  The second layer just seemed to help the sand stick better.

Sand shape cards.

Rhinestone Shape Cards

I found this “rhinestone” ribbon in the cake decorating section of my craft store.  I easily cut it into single strips of rhinestones so that I could add a line of bling to a set of cards.

Rhinestone Shape Cards.

It was a little tricky to add the rhinestones to the curved shapes, but I liked the end result.  I call them rock star shapes!

Rhinestone shape cards.

Glitter Glue Shape Cards

I don’t mind using glitter in a classroom, but I don’t really like to use it in my home. With glitter glue, however, I was able to get some bling on my cards without the glittery mess.

Glitter glue shape cards.

Additional Texture Ideas

In addition to the ideas pictured above, you could also add texture to the shapes with yarn, twine, ribbon, rubber bands, plastic grass, raffia, twigs, etc.  See my article about tactile letter cards for even more ideas.

Shape Tracing Cards

You don’t want to add texture to your shape cards?  No problem!  You can laminate the little cards so that kids can practice making the shapes with a dry erase marker or crayon.

Shape tracing cards.

You can use the shape cards individually, but I like the idea of binding them together.  In the examples in the picture below  I used a hole punch and binder rings to create shape rings.  For some of the books, I used a binding machine (my newest addiction) to bind some of the sets into little books.

Bind your shape cards.

I hope that you enjoy using these little shape cards.  Use them as a simple math activity in your math center, as a take-home activity, or even in your class library.

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