jingle bell activity: A Simple Science Project


Use this jingle bell activity as a simple science project to explore sound with young kids. Kids can make three jingle bell sticks and record observations on the free printable recording sheet.

Are you are looking for Christmas-themed simple science activities for your young kids?  Get the jingle bells out for a fun activity for your holiday-themed science center for preschoolers.

Actually, you don’t have to wait for Christmas, this activity will be fun any time of year.

simple science project for preschoolers with a jingle bell and craft stick

Your kids can explore sound when they create jingle bell sticks.  Making jingle bell sticks is a fun, quick craft that can also be used for an easy science project at Christmas time or any time of the year.

Jingle Bell Stick Project Supplies

For this jingle bell activity, I used the following supplies:

  • jingle bells in 3 sizes
  • craft sticks
  • pipe cleaners/chenille stems
  • jingle bell recording sheet
supplies for a simple science jingle bell project

Making a Jingle Bell Stick

To begin, we strung a chenille stem through a bell.  Then, we wrapped the stem around the end of a large craft stick.  Young kids may need some assistance to wrap the stem tightly around the stick.  Kids should make three jingle bell sticks with three different-sized bells.

how to make a jingle bell stick for a simple science project for preschoolers

Testing the Bells

After making jingle bell sticks, kids can test them.  Encourage them to ring each of their three bells.  Which is the loudest?  Which is the quietest?  Why one is louder or quieter than the others?  What do you notice about the loudest bell?  What do you notice about the softest bell?  Kids can record their answers on the bell recording sheet.

Get the Free Printable Jingle Bell Recording Sheet

To get your free copy of the recording sheet, click on the link below:

Christmas STEM activity with a jingle bell
recording sheet for simple science project with a jingle bell

Additional Jingle Bell Activity Ideas

You can make a graph showing everyone’s favorite bell.  In addition to using the jingle bell sticks as a craft and science project, you can use them during circle time.  Ask your kids to whisper/sing Jingle Bells as they shake the small jingle bell stick.  Ask them to sing a bit louder as they sing with the middle bell, and then louder with the large bell.  Finally, they can sing very loud as they shake all three of their jingle bell sticks.


If you find that your kids are really excited about bells, here are a few ideas to extend the concept/theme:

  • Place different bells or combinations of bells in small gift boxes.  Be sure to have a matching pair of boxes for each bell or combination. Tape the boxes shut.  Ask kids to shake the boxes and find the matching pairs.
  • Provide kids with a tinker tray filled with a variety of materials and encourage them to make a bell.

I hope that you and your kids enjoy this simple science project.  If you use jingle bells in your classroom.  I would love to hear how you use them. Tell me about it in the comments below.

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