Squirt Gun Painting: This is an Exciting Art Project for Kids


Squirt gun painting is an exciting way to combine process art with a fine motor activity.

Squirt gun painting.

Why is Squirt Gun Painting a Great Activity for Kids?

Sometimes the kids who need to develop fine motor skills are the same kids who avoid fine motor activities like the plague.  But, sometimes you can find an activity that is extremely engaging for these kids.  Squirt gun painting is one of those extremely engaging activities.

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Supplies that You Will Need

Supplies you will need for your squirt gun painting.
  • Squirt guns (I don’t love using “guns” with young kids.  I found some fun sea creature squirt guns that I used)
  • Tempera paint
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Paper

Where to Set this Up

This is a fun and messy activity.  It is a perfect outside activity.  We happened to have a large piece of cardboard that we attached to a fence and then taped our paper to the cardboard.  If you are brave enough to squirt gun paint inside, be sure to protect nearby walls, floors, etc. with plastic.

Where to set up this squirt gun painting.

Squirt Gun Painting Instructions

Begin by adding a few squeezes of tempera paint to a plastic squeeze bottle.  Dilute the paint by adding water to the squeeze bottle.  Shake it up to mix it all up.  You might have to play around with the consistency.  You want enough paint in the mixture to create a vibrant design, but you want it to be thin enough to flow throw the squirt gun properly.

Next, fill a squirt gun (or shark squirter…ha) with the paint mixture.

Finally, kids can spray the paint onto paper.

Think your paint out for your squirt gun painting.
Use multiple colors and multiple squirting guns for a gorgeous painting.

Note: If you are painting outside, be careful when you remove the paper from the fence, easel, or cardboard.  Don’t let the wind blow the wet side of the paper on you.  The first time I tried removing a paper, I had an arm and sleeve covered with paint.

Make sure things are dry before moving your squirt gun painting.

Experiments and Extensions

Here are some ideas for experimenting with squirt gun painting.

  • Try different types of paint or different concentrations of paint solutions.  What do you notice?
  • What happens when colors mix on the paper?
  • Try standing at different distances from the paper.  Do you notice a difference in the paint?
  • Hold the water gun at different angles.  Do you notice a difference?
  • What do you notice about the paint when it hits the paper?  Why do you think that it runs down?  What happens when you turn the painting?
Experiments and extensions for your squirt gun painting.

You can see that squirt gun painting is not only a fun process art activity for your preschool kids,  It is also a great way to work on hand strength and even do a little bit of scientific experimentation.

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