How to Use This Free Printable for 5 Fun Transportation Activities


Use this free printable for several transportation activities with your preschoolers. The car printable can be used for a matching game, a bingo game, and even a travel game. It’s a perfect addition to your transportation unit and lesson plans in preschool and pre-k.

Today I have a free car printable.  You can use it as a matching game or a bingo-type game.  Scroll through and see the ideas for this cute transportation activity.

Transportation activities with free car printable.

Transportation Bingo Game

The printable includes four different game boards and a set of car cards.  To play bingo, give each child a game board.  Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a pile.  Turn over a card and kids can cover the matching vehicle on their game board.  The first child to cover 4 vehicles in a row on their game board is the winner.

An easy transportation bingo game activity.

I made a set of light blue lines along the diagonals on the game cards.  My son always had a difficult time seeing the diagonal while playing bingo games.  The addition of the line makes it a little easier for young kids.

Transportation Matching Activity

An fun transportation matching activity.

You can also use the set as a simple transportation activity.  Use the bingo game boards and 1 set of vehicle cards for each game board.  Kids can select a vehicle card, find the matching card on their game board, and place the card upside-down on their game board.  They can continue until they have matched all of the vehicles on their game board.  This is a great visual discrimination exercise.

Watch the Cars Go By

Print off a bingo game card and place it on an inexpensive cookie sheet and use some magnets as markers.  Kids can watch cars drive by from a window or from a playground and mark each type of car as they see them.  This also works as a fun and inexpensive travel game for a road trip.  It doesn’t take long for kids to see which vehicles are easy to spot and which ones are more difficult.

Transportation game activity for preschoolers.

Additional Activity Ideas

  • Memory – Print off extra sets of the cards and play a memory matching game
  • Sorting – Print off extra sets of the cards and ask kids to sort them.  They can sort by color, vehicle type, etc.
  • Patterns – Print off extra sets of the cards and ask kids to make a patterned traffic jam

Download the Transportation Activity

To download a copy of the travel game, click the link below:

Transportation Activities Printable

I hope that you and your kids enjoy some of the transportation activities.  Please let me know if you think of other ways to use the printable.

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