Turkey Math: An Easy Thanksgiving Number Activity


Build number skills with this fun, hands-on turkey math activity. Kids will learn that numbers can be represented in many different ways with this Thanksgiving-themed printable.

Are you looking for ways to add some Thanksgiving fun into your math learning center?  Use this easy Thanksgiving number activity from my store to work on number skills with your kids.

Turkey themed number 3 math mat activities for preschool - easy Thanksgiving number activity

Many Ways to Represent Numbers

This cute turkey math activity will help kids see that numbers can be represented in many different ways.  The set includes turkey mats for the numbers 1-10 and there are 6 feather options from which to choose.

  • finger counting feathers
  • numeral feathers
  • die/dice feathers
  • tally mark feathers
  • number word feathers
  • ten frame feathers
Thanksgiving math activity - a turkey math mat with the number 5 on it - Thanksgiving number activities

Customize the Easy Thanksgiving Number Activity to Meet Your Needs

The cool thing about the activity is that you can use it in different ways to meet the needs of your kids.  You need 4 feathers to complete each bird.  You can choose 4 different feathers for each bird mat….

turkey math activity for preschool and kindergarten - a Thanksgiving number recognition activity

…or you can make extra copies of some feathers and use duplicates.

Turkey math mats to help kids learn number sense

It’s totally up to you.

number 5 turkey math mat

Kids love this hands-on activity and you can use it for

  • independent activities
  • small group activities
  • a circle time activity
  • as a game (race to fill the turkey)

How to Easily Differentiate the Activity

Are your kids ready for even more of a challenge?  You can work on composing and decomposing numbers?  In many cases, kids can use two feathers to represent a number.

Turkey themed math mats showing different ways to create a number 7

On one side of this turkey, number 6 and number 1 dice represent the number 7.  On the other side, five fingers and 2 fingers also represent the number seven.  Challenge kids to see how many ways they can represent a number.

turkey math mat showing different ways to create a number 7

Purchase the Turkey Math Resource Today

Are you ready to start working on turkey number skills?  This turkey math resource can be purchased at my store today.  Click on the image below to check it out