Ideas for Easy Under the Sea Crafts for Preschoolers


Get ready to dive into a world of underwater adventure with your kids. Today, I want to share a whole bunch of fun and easy under the sea crafts for preschoolers.

I know your kids will enjoy exploring all these underwater creatures perfect for preschool. From printable jellyfish, cute crabs, adorable sea turtles, and even toothy sharks! – get ready for an ocean theme craft adventure.

under the sea crafts for preschoolers - jellyfish, shark, sea turtle, and crab crafts for an ocean them unit or lesson plan

Under the Sea Crafts to Build Fine Motor Skills

Here’s the best part: these crafty activities are a blast to create and an awesome way to help our kiddos develop their fine motor skills. I’ve included some printable fine motor crafts that are specially designed to give those little hands a workout and make them stronger.

You might be wondering why I’m always talking about fine motor skills and fine motor skills activities. Well, it’s because fine motor skills are super important for our child’s overall development. These skills involve using the small muscles in their hands and fingers, and they’re crucial for things like writing, tying shoelaces, opening packages, and even getting dressed all by themselves.

When you create a fun craft with your preschoolers, it’s an easy peasy way to help boost those all-important fine motor skills? Who knew that crafts were so beneficial?

Now, get ready to make a splash with some adorable under the sea crafts for preschoolers!

Printable Ocean-Themed crafts

First, I will show you these adorable ocean animal crafts in my Ocean Fine Motor Crafts set. These printables were designed to be a fun activity to build fine motor skills. Kids will practice their scissor skills as they cut out the shapes on the thick, dark lines. Each craft has dotted lines for tracing and pre-writing practice. Best of all, each craft has small circles on it that can be punched out with a hole punch.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you have to try hole punch activities. They are such a motivating way to encourage kids to build their hand strength.

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Supplies needed

The great thing about these fun ocean crafts is you don’t need a lot of fancy supplies. I love to print the pieces on brightly colored paper or you can cut construction paper down fit in your printer. However, you can also print the templates onto plain white paper and kids can color everything with crayons. So, here is your supply list:

  • Paper for printing (colorful or brightly colored)
  • Crayons for tracing the dotted lines
  • Scissors for cutting and snipping
  • Hole puncher
  • Glue stick

In addition to the basic supplies, you can also encourage kids to add their own creative flair to the simple crafts. They can add embellishments to the cute sea creatures, or they may want to create a background for the ocean-themed crafts. Here are some optional supplies that you can add to the project:

  • Googly eyes
  • Bubble wrap
  • cellophane
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Sequins
  • Tissue paper
  • chalk
  • buttons
  • natural materials lie sand and shells

How cute would it be to make a huge sea scene on a bulletin board in or in the hallway?

Jellyfish Craft

Look at all the hole-punching that kids can do when making this jellyfish craft for kids!

If you don’t want to use hole punches, kids can apply little dot stickers or dab a dot of tempera paint with a Q-tip to each circle. You can also use this printable jellyfish craft template to make a variety of beautiful and creative jellyfish. Think about mixing up the colors in the arms, and adding ribbon tentacles…the creation possibilities are endless!

purple jellyfish craft with a green hole punch .  The jellyfish craft template is an example of under the sea crafts and fine motor activities for preschoolers

Crab Craft for Preschoolers

I think this crab craft activity is my favorite ocean animal from the set. The claws are a little bit more difficult to cut out than the other parts, but you can help your kids with them if needed.

A printable red crab craft on a turquoise paper background - an example of easy under the sea crafts for preschoolers

Printable Shark Craft Template

A set of under the sea crafts would not be complete without a shark craft. Am I right? I think this shark is more cute than scary. This is the perfect activity for your little ocean explorer.

Make shark crafts during a classroom during an ocean study, to celebrate shark week. This is also the perfect craft to use for a fun activity for an ocean-themed birthday party.

A shark craft printed on teal paper and glued to a dark blue background - an example of under the sea crafts for preschoolers

Sea Turtle Craft

I designed a sea turtle craft for this ocean theme set because sea turtles are my favorite sea creatures. I’m not satisfied when we visit the Texas Gulf Coast until I see these amazing creatures. I love watching the small sea turtles eat along the shipping channel in Port Aransas, and I love talking to all the patients at the sea turtle rescue facilities in Corpus Christi and on South Padre Island. Yes……I really talk to them! I hope to be a volunteer at one of those facilities when I’m retired.

Okay…enough about my love of sea turtles. Isn’t this easy sea turtle craft adorable? It’s a creative way to combine a study of sea turtles and build fine motor skills.

A sea turtle craft activity printed on two color of green paper.  The sea turtle craft is pasted to a purple background and is shown with a glue stick and a hole punch. - an example of ocean crafts for preschool.

Do you need ideas to adapt these printable fine motor crafts for younger kids or kids with different abilities? Check out this article about ways to differentiate craft activities.

Additional Under the Sea Crafts for Preschoolers

Now let’s take a look at some additional easy ocean crafts for preschoolers from around the web.

Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft

If you have some cupcake liners on hand, here is a simple pufferfish craft from Our Kids Things. Check out my article about making your own paintbrushes. I think DIY paintbrushes would totally work with this pufferfish craft.

Starfish Craft

This ocean starfish craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect is a great way to combine ocean animal crafts and fine motor activities. Kids can work on their pincer grasp as they place buttons on the starfish body.

Octopus Craft

This cupcake liner octopus craft from I Heart Crafty Things will also put your kids’ fingers to work as they place cereal tentacles on each of the octopus’ arms.

Torn Paper Shark Craft

Tearing paper activities are lots of fun and are a fun way to build hand strength. This torn paper shark craft printable is part of my July Fine Motor Activity Set.

shark craft made with torn paper is an example of ocean theme crafts for preschoolers

Starfish Cutting Practice Printable Craft

Perfect for a sea theme, these cutting practice activities, also a part of the July set, include a starfish that kids can cut out and decorate.

A starfish, sun, and palm tree fold and cut printable craft is an example of easy ocean crafts for preschool.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed these ideas for fun ocean animal crafts for preschoolers. I know that you and your kids are going to have so much fun making sea creature decorations, underwater murals, or bulletin boards you can make with these fun under the sea crafts and ideas.

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