Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschool: Learning with Conversation Hearts [Free Printable]


Conversation hearts are not just good to eat. They can be used for fun learning activities. Here are over 10 ideas for Valentine’s Day activities for preschool….includes a free printable graphing page.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of conversation hearts.  The holiday candies are fun to eat plus they can be used for many learning activities. Here are a collection of ideas for Valentine’s Day Activities for preschool using conversation hearts.  I have also included a color graph printable for you to use.

Have fun learning with these Valentine's Day Activities for preschool.

Math Activities

How many conversation hearts will fit on a paper heart?  Cut out paper hearts in various sizes.  Ask kids to predict how many pieces of candy will fit on the hearts and practice counting as they fill the paper hearts.

Fill your paper heart with conversation hearts for a fun Valentine's math activity.

Take it to the Next Level

Place Hearts on a Platform:  Place the paper heart (I used cardstock) on some blocks or a spool.  Now, see how many conversation hearts will fit on the paper heart.  Does using a different size paper heart, a different type of paper or a different type of platform make a difference?  Can you place more pieces of candy in the middle or along the outside of the paper heart?

How many conversations hearts can you stack in this fun Valentine's activity?

How high?  Ask children to see how many hearts they can stack on top of each other.

How high can you stack your conversation hearts in this fun Valentine's Day activity?

Counting and Numeracy

Compare Quantities:  Use a set of number cards.  Select a card and ask kids to count the appropriate number of hearts.  Repeat with another number card and ask kids to compare the quantities.  Which number is bigger?  Which is smaller?  Look at the differences between the two numbers.

Compare random sets: Ask two children to grab a handful of conversation hearts and count them.  Who had the greater number?  Who had the smaller number?

Have fun with comparing and estimating conversation hearts.

Counters:  Use the candy hearts as counters for math games, counting activities, and ten frames.  Use two colors of hearts to build numbers.

Valentine's Day activities for preschool.

How many hearts are in the box?  Ask a child to count a quantity of hearts.  While the child closes his or her eyes, place some of the hearts inside a box.  Ask the child to open his or her eyes, count the remaining hearts, and try to determine how many hearts you placed inside the box.

Colors and Patterns

Sort by color.  Sort the conversation hearts into boxes, muffin tins, small containers, or onto colored pieces of paper.  Use spoons or tongs to add additional fine motor practice.

Sort your conversation hearts for more Valentine's Day activities.

Graph by Color FREE Printable:  Ask a child to grab a handful of conversation hearts and graph them.  How many of each color are there?  Which color has the highest number of hearts? Which color has the lowest number of hearts?  Two children working together can compare the results on two graphs.  Click here to get your copy of the graph.

Graph your hearts with the free download for a fun Valentine's Day activity.

Create patterns.  Start a simple pattern with the hearts and ask a child to continue the pattern.  Ask a child to create his or her own patterns.

Make simple color patterns with your conversation hearts for another fun Valentine's Day activity.

Literacy Activities

Search for letters:  It seems that the quality of the print on conversation hearts has been declining greatly in the past few years.  Many are nearly impossible to read.  Some brands seem to be better than others.  If you find some hearts with clear printing, kids can search for letters on the hearts.  Ask kids to look for the first letter of their names.  They can also search for the letter of the week, etc.

Trace Letters:  Use the candy hearts to trace letters, numbers, shapes, or even names.

Valentine's Day activities for preschool.

I hope that you enjoy these Valentine’s Day activities for preschool.  How do you use conversation hearts?  I would love to hear some additional ideas.

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