Try These Free Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers


Are you looking for a fun Valentine’s Day activity for preschoolers? Use this free heart printable. Kids can practice scissor skills when they cut out the hearts. They can use a hole punch to make holes around the hearts’ border.

fine motor hole punch activities
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Kids enjoy cutting out hearts, just as they enjoy cutting snowflakes.  It’s a great idea to encourage kids to try to cut hearts on their own.  But, sometimes they do get frustrated.  Here is an idea for a Valentine’s Day activity that will motivate kids to practice their scissor skills.

Valentine's Day fine motor activity free printable.

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Use the Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers to Practice Scissor Skills

This simple preschool craft idea is super easy when you use my template.  The template is the secret to helping kids experience success.  When kids experience success with cutting, it can help motivate them to work on scissor skills. I had a great response to my snowflake cutting templates, so I created some heart templates for Valentine fine motor practice.

Use these cute Valentine's templates to practice preschool cutting skills.

Make Your Own Template or Use the Printable

You can make your own template or cutting pattern with some bright paper and a marker, but my free templates are really simple to print and copy for a whole class.  I have included two different styles of heart cutting and hole punch templates.

printable Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

The templates print two per page so that you can print, cut the pages in half, then fold the small paper in half.

Practice preschool cutting skills with this Valentine's Day fine motor skill activity.

Additional Fine Motor Practice Using a Hole Punch 

Kids can use the templates to practice their scissor skills, and you can use them for cutting assessments.   For more fine motor practice, kids can use a hole punch to punch holes into each of the circles on their paper hearts.

The Valentine’s Day Activity Big Reveal!

The BEST THING about these fun Valentine’s Day fine motor activities for preschoolers is when they unfold their hearts. I LOVE to watch kids’ faces when they open them up… sweet!

Use a hole punch on the hearts for extra fine motor practice for Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Where Can I use these Valentine’s Day fine motor activities for preschoolers?

Add the Fine Motor Activity to a Cutting Center or Writing Center

You can easily fold a bunch and place them in a container.  Add scissors and a hole punch….an easy little cutting center for your home and/or classroom.  Add them to your writing center and encourage kids to write messages or draw on them.

A paper heart folding half with a hole punch.  Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers
A picture of using a hole punches to create  Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

If you want your kids to enjoy a little more freedom, you can always use the template without the circles.  Kids can just use a hole punch to punch holes anywhere on their hearts.  My kiddo, however, would be more easily motivated by having the circles on the template.  On the blank template, he would only use the hole punch 1 or 2 times, but the template would give him a goal and more fine motor practice.

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