20 Winter Fine Motor Activities That Will Make Your Kids Excited


Here are 20 ideas for winter fine motor activities. Your kids will enjoy playing and learning as they strengthen their fine motor skills with these fun winter-themed activities.

Winter Fine Motor Activities

Are you looking for activities that will help your kids work on their fine motor skills during the winter months?  Here are a bunch of winter fine motor activities for kids.

Fun fine motor activities for winter

Beaded Snowflake

This cute beaded snowflake craft provides opportunities for fine motor exercise and math practice.

beaded snowflake fine motor craft for preschoolers

Snowflake Twirler

This  Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler by Crafts on Sea will give kids an opportunity to practice their scissor skills.

Marshmallow Letter Activity

Add a wintry fine motor twist to letter or name recognition with this  Marshmallow Name Activity by Fun-a Day  .

Scissor Skills Practice with Snip Strips

Kids can work on building hand strength and scissor skills development with these winter-themed hole punch and cut strips.

winter fine motor hole punch and cutting activity

Snowman Fine Motor Activity

Make a snowman fine motor activity from a large plastic bottle.  Kids can attach pieces to the snowman’s face and can fill the snowman with snowballs.

snowman bottle fine motor activity for preschoolers

Winter Paper Tearing Activity

When kids tear paper, it helps them build the hand strength that they will need to use scissors and hold writing instruments. Use winter theme images for a winter torn paper activity or craft.

winter paper tearing activity

Snowflake Counting Necklaces

If you are looking for fun winter crafts for kids, these snowflake necklaces are one of my favorites.  Plus, you can work on math skills with this craft activity.

snowflake craft - beaded necklace fine motor activity

Play Dough Snowman

Playdough always provides a great opportunity to strengthen the muscles in little hands.  Help kids make a playdough snowman with a few hacks for snowman parts.

snowman playdough fine motor activities for winter

Snowflake Cutting Templates

Use snowflake cutting templates when you teach kids to make paper snowflakes.   When you use the technique to teach how to cut snowflakes, you will have a room full of excited kids….and beautiful paper snowflakes.

cutting snowflake activity to build scissor skills

Sorting in the Sensory Bin

Your winter sensory table can provide plenty of opportunities for working on fine motor skills.  Kids enjoy sorting small erasers, filling containers with “snow” balls, and scooping and shoveling snow.

Use mini erasers in a fine motor sensory bin to work on pincher grasp

Punching Holes in Paper Snowflakes

This free printable snowflake activity is really fun for kids because they love using hole punches.

free printable winter hole punch activity

Fine Motor Counting Activity

Use tongs, tweezers, or bug catchers to turn simple counting activities into exciting fine motor math activities.  Use them in the sensory bin or with counting mats in the math center.

counting and winter fine motor activity

Hammer into “ice”

Kids can hammer golf tees into a big, thick piece of packing foam……  Ice Picking by Modern Preschool

 Snowflake Snacks

Even snack time can provide opportunities for working on fine motor skills.  Kids will enjoy making and eating this pretzel and marshmallow snowflake snack from Motherhood on a Dime

Penguin Pre-Writing Activity

Kids can practice tracing a variety of lines with this free printable penguin activity.

penguin pre-writing activity - a free fine motor activity for preschoolers

Snowflake Stickers

Use snowflake stickers for process art or with Alphabet Dot Pages.  Similar to the marshmallow name activity above, stickers can be used to form letters.

snow fine motor sticker and letter activity for kids

A Winter-Theme Invitation to Play

Grab a divided tray and fill it with a variety of materials.  Here are a bunch of material ideas for your winter playdough activity tray.

winter theme playdough tray for kids

Bright White Playdough

Complete the activity above with some bright white playdough.  This post includes a bunch of fun and unexpected materials that you can mix into your winter-theme playdough.  Don’t forget to provide some rolling pins and circle cookie cutters.

snowman fine motor activity with bright white playdough

Scissor Practice Mini Books

Use some winter-themed stickers to make scissor practice mini-books.  

I hope that you enjoy trying some of these winter fine motor activities with your kids.  Feel free to share some additional activity ideas in the comments below.

Winter Cutting Practice

Provide a variety of wintery materials to make cutting practice more exciting.  Cotton balls, white or iridescent pipe cleaners, and packing peanuts are perfect.

find cutting practice materials like these packing noodles from the trash or recycling bin

Use winter-themed cutting patterns to give kids some cutting practice.

winter cutting patterns to build scissor skills

Additional Winter Theme Activities

If you are looking for more winter-themed activities, I think you will like the following resources from my store.  Click on the images to check them out.

snowflake cutting patterns
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snowflake activity bundle