Winter Math Activities with Printable Snowflake Number Circles [Free Printable]


Are you looking for winter math activities for your kids? Try these snowflake number circles. Use the free math printables in muffin tins or use them to make counting containers. Many ideas are included for counting, number sense, and even basic addition.

Many of you enjoyed the apple number circles that I posted a few months ago.  Now, I have some number circles to use for winter math activities.

Use muffin tins with your winter math activities.

Perfect for Muffin Tins

These snowflake number circles will fit perfectly in the bottom of a muffin tin and kids can use them as they practice counting puff balls, small snowflake ornaments, beads, erasers, etc. Disclaimer:  WARNING.  Small parts can present a choking hazard.  Use larger counters for children under 3 years. I included 7 ideas for using number circles in my previous post.  Now, I would like to share an additional idea – making number counting containers.

How to Make Counting Containers

Use cute, reusable containers for sorting winter themed objects.

I have a bunch of these little ice cream containers at home.  My kiddo happens to be an ice cream lover, and we frequently purchase packages of Blue Bell’s single-serving cups.  You haven’t heard of Blue Bell ice cream?……then you must not be in Texas.  Texans are crazy about this stuff…..and I must say that it is pretty good.  If you don’t have the handy Blue Bell containers – don’t worry.  Any type of small container (like Ziploc containers or small potato chip containers) will work too.

I began by covering my containers and lids with light blue card stock.  I then, cut out a set of printable snowflake number circles and attached them to the lids with double-stick tape.

Glue your printable snowflake number circles into your containers for a fun winter math activity.

If you cut out a second set of snowflake number circles and add them to the inside of each cup, kids can practice numeral recognition as they match the numbers on the lid with the number inside the cup.  Putting the lids on the cups and taking them off is also a great fine motor exercise for kids.

Use Winter Theme Counters

A fun, winter themed activity with printable snowflake number circles.

Kids can place a variety of different things inside the cups.  Puffballs or cotton balls work great as counters.

Use cute, fun winter decorations and craft supplies as counters.

The small, plastic snowflake ornaments that I picked up at an after-Christmas sale work well too.

Putting stickers on bottle tops is also a cute, inexpensive counter idea for your winter math activity.

Here, I added stickers to the top of milk caps to use as counters.  If you use two different colors of counters, kids can practice composing and decomposing numbers.

Download the Printable for Your Winter Math Activities

Are you ready to get started with some fun hands-on counting activities with these number circles?  Complete the form below, and I will be sure to send the printable to your inbox.

I’m sure that you will find additional ways to use the snowflake number circles.  I would love to hear about how you use them in your winter-theme math activities.

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