Christmas Gift Bags for Kids: Make DIY Santa Bags


Check out this fun easy to make DIY Christmas gift bags that you can make for your kids. They are perfect for a class gift or holiday goody bag or favor. Check out the tutorial for the directions…they are simple to make and your kids will love them.

Sometimes, just the right gift bag can make a simple gift seem extra special.  These Christmas gift bags are extra special because they are a simple but cute craft that you can make yourself.  You can use the bags for student gifts or goody bags for holiday parties.

DIY gift bags for your Christmas gifts.


Before I begin with the directions, let me tell you what your will need for this craft.  If you use coupons at your local craft stores, you can probably find some deals on the supplies.  I also included some affiliate links at the bottom of the page for some of the items.  If you purchase something from a link, there will be no additional cost to you, but a small portion of your purchase will be used towards the cost of maintaining this website.  Note that I made several different versions of the bags below.  Here is what I used to them:

  • small mini tote bags
  • black duct tape for a belt
  • self adhesive gold craft foam
  • white fur trim
  • buttons

How to Make a Santa Belt Gift Bag

The first bag that I want to show you is the Santa bag.  I began by adding a strip of black duck tape to make a shiny Santa belt across the middle of the bag.

How to make a santa belt gift bag for your Christmas gift bags.

Next, I cut a square from a sheet of metallic adhesive-backed craft foam.  I cut a smaller square in the middle of that square to create a buckle and stuck the buckle on the belt….TADA!…a Santa bag.

Using craft foam and duct tap as part of your Christmas gift bags.

Stuff them with some little blank books and a few pencils and erasers, and you have a sweet little gift for your kids.

Stuff your Christmas gift bags with little mini-blank books.

How to Make Fur Trimmed Santa Gift Bag

Here is the second style of Santa bag that I made.  I picked up a roll of white fur trim at my fabric store.

A second idea for a Christmas gift bag.

I cut it to fit across the top of the bag and I attached it with hot glue.

Christmas gift bags for kids.

Of course, you can fill the bags with any little gift or treat.  Remember the little printable holiday playdough mats that I made last year?….put that inside for a perfect little gift.  Another simple gift idea (and this one will promote writing) is to add a few blank books, stickers, pencils, and an eraser.

Add all sorts of fun gifts into your Christmas gift bags.

Winter Wonderland Gift Bag

If you don’t want to use Santa bags, you can make winter-themed gift bags instead.  All you have to do is use the fur trim with a color other than red.  On the one I made below I also added a few white buttons for some interest.  Add some winter-themed gifts and you will be all set.

A winter-themed Christmas gift bag.

Whether you choose to make Santa gift bags or winter gift bags, I hope that this simple craft will make your gifts a little extra special for your little ones.

Make DIY gift bags for your Christmas gifts.

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