How to Use Free Printable Preschool Reading Logs


Use these free preschool reading logs to encourage kids to read at home with their parents. The 13 different preschool printables can be used at any time of year…a perfect “homework” activity for preschool and pre-k children.

I made a bunch of preschool reading logs that you can use with your kids.  The reading logs are a great way to get kids excited about reading at home with their parents.

Reading logs for Preschool

Young kids usually think that it’s pretty cool when they have a little bit of “homework”.  I just wish that this excitement about homework would continue as kids get older.

Thirteen Styles of Reading Logs

Originally, I created 4 thematic reading logs.

My preschool reading log.

Then, I decided to add 9 more seasonal logs to the free printable.

9 additional preschool reading logs.

Here are the 13 themes that you will find….and they should cover you for a whole year.

  • apples
  • firetruck
  • fall leaves
  • gingerbread
  • snowman
  • bakery/sweet treat
  • bunnies
  • rain and umbrellas
  • flower garden
  • bugs
  • astronaut
  • cowboy
  • ocean
13 printable preschool reading logs.

Using the Reading Logs

Depending on the page that you choose, kids can color an image (a leaf, apple, bug, snowflake…..) after they read a book with their parents.  There are 14 objects to color on each page.  If you want to give families a deadline, you can encourage them to complete the sheet in any time period that you like (1 week……2 weeks….1 month….whatever is appropriate for your kids).

You can also make it an open-ended activity and just ask kids to bring a page in whenever it is complete.  Some teachers give kids a small reward when they bring back a completed reading log.

My preschool reading logs, you can also color them.

Download the Free Printable Reading Logs

Are you ready to get started using the reading logs with your kids?  Click the link below to download the printable.

Free Preschool Reading Logs

I hope that you enjoy using my printable preschool reading logs.  If you are looking for additional literacy activities for your kids, check out the following resources in my store:

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