How to Make Learning Fun with Alphabet Playdough Mats


Use printable alphabet playdough mats to work on letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds in a fun, playful way.

Today, I want to show you my new alphabet playdough mats from my store.  But, because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again, I’m going to show you a BUNCH of ways to use them for fun letter activities.  Your kids will not be bored with all of these ideas.

Alphabet Playdough Mats in Full Color

Alphabet playdough mats in full color.

The alphabet mats come in both uppercase and lowercase letters.  Laminate the mats and they can be used with playdough.  If you want to make your own dough, check out my quick playdough recipe.

They are half-sheet sized and can be added to any playdough invitation to play.  Kids can place coils or blobs of playdough on the letters.  As they do this, they will learn to recognize the shape of each individual letter.

It’s fun to stick stuff into the playdough too.

The letter mats also include a picture of an object that starts with each letter.  Point the objects out to your kids as they play so that they can work on hearing the sound of each letter.

Alphabet Playdough Mats in Black & White

Alphabet playdough mats in black and white.

The alphabet playdough mat set also includes a set of uppercase and lowercase letters in a black and white, ink-saving option.  If you like to be creative, it’s fun to print the black and white playdough mats on brightly colored paper to coordinate with the objects in your playdough tray or with a particular theme.

Add some animal or people counters to your invitation to play and kids can trace each letter with animal footprints.  If you want to get super silly you can pretend that the animals make the same sound as the letter.

Make an Alphabet Book

Make an alphabet book with your alphabet playdough mat.

I have included some printable covers in the alphabet playdough mat resource so that you can make alphabet books.  Instead of cutting the pages after printing, I folded them in half.  Then, I laminated the folded pages and bound them together with a cover.

Kids can trace the letters in the book with playdough, loose parts, or even their fingers.

These books would make nice little busy bags too.

Coordinate with any Theme

You can coordinate your alphabet playdough mats with any theme.

If you are creative, you will enjoy printing the black and white letter mats on different colors of paper and using loose parts to coordinate with different themes and seasons.  Pink playdough and heart vase fillers are perfect for Valentines Day.

Additional Ideas

I love trying to think of many different ways to use resources.  Here are some additional ways to use the mats.

  • Loose Parts – Don’t want to mess with playdough today…no problem.  Kids can form letters with little erasers, small rocks, counters, coins, buttons, etc.
  • Coloring Sheets – Print the black and white version of the mats and use them as coloring pages.
  • Finger Tracing –  Encourage kids to use their finger to trace the letters.
  • Matching – Print a set of uppercase and lowercase letters and use them for a matching game.
  • Magnetic Letter Match –  Get out your big container of magnetic letters.  Kids can place magnetic letters on matching mats.
  • Salt Tray – Use the letter mats with a salt tray.

Sample an Alphabet Playdough Mat

Do you want to get a closer look at these playdough mats?  You can download the mats for the letter “A” by clicking the link below.  Check them out and give them a try.

Alphabet Playdough Mat Letter A Sample

Purchase Alphabet Playdough Mats

To purchase the complete set of alphabet playdough mats, visit my store.  You can also purchase a money-saving bundle that includes both my alphabet mats and the number mats.

Whether you purchase my alphabet playdough mats or use some that you found elsewhere, I hope that my ideas helped you think of some fun ways to use them.  Nobody likes to do the same thing all the time….right?

Do you have some additional ideas?  I would love to hear them!