5 Ways to Use These Valentine’s Day Puzzles for Preschoolers


Psst….wanna know a secret? These Valentine’s Day Puzzles for preschoolers are a fun learning activity AND you can use them as an inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your class.

I have shown you many different types of printable name puzzles.  Today, I’m going to show you five different ways to use this custom heart puzzle printable for fun and engaging activities for your kids.

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Valentines Day Puzzle Name Activities

You can use the heart puzzle printable as a Valentine-themed activity in your literacy centers.  The puzzles will help preschoolers or kindergarteners learn to recognize and spell their names, plus the high-interest activity is a great way to

Valentine's Day name puzzles with kids names on them

Just like my other editable name puzzles, these are easy to customize to create name activities for your preschool kids.  You can print them with uppercase letters or lowercase letters.

bright editable valentine's day name puzzles with kids names on them

The printable hearts look AMAZING when printed on brightly colored paper….and of course, the perfect Valentine’s Day colors are red an pink.

valentine's day puzzles for preschoolers

What Teachers are saying:

Teachers who have used this resource are raving about it! Here is what they had to say after using it in their classroom:

Thank you SO much for this resource! I was looking for a fun way to help them spell their names with a Valentine’s Day theme. This was absolutely perfect and the kids enjoyed it.
Jazmin B.
This was a very fun way to work on recognizing the letters in my students’ names. I laminated them as well so I can send them home so parents can share in the fun!

Fine Motor Activities With Valentine’s Day Puzzles

Print the Valentine’s puzzles for your kids and let them cut out the pieces.  This is a simple way to give them a little practice with cutting with scissors.

cutting apart a heart name puzzle for preschoolers

They can glue the puzzle pieces in order on a sentence strip or large piece of construction paper for an easy cutting and pasting activity.

Want to make a fun Valentine’s Day name tracing or letter tracing activity? Print the puzzles with the outlined font option and kids can trace/color the letters on each puzzle piece.  They can also color the hearts.  Because the puzzles have their names on them, kids will be very motivated to color.

coloring a printable name puzzle - it's shaped like a heart banner

Valentine’s Day Sight Word Puzzles

The heart puzzle printables aren’t limited to just name activities.  You can customize them with any words.  Use them to practice

  • sight words
  • high-interest words
  • thematic words
use the Valentine's Day puzzles for sight words or thematic words

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive, and non-candy Valentine’s Day gift for your kids?  You can use this printable in place of a Valentine’s Day card.

Print up a custom name puzzle for each child.

Put the printable Valentine's Day name puzzle in an envelope to give it as a gift to your students

Cut the puzzles, put them in an envelope, add labels (included with the resource), and you will have a fun Valentine’s Day gift that parents will appreciate.

Valentine's Day name puzzles in envelopes

You can also use this as a Valentine’s Day game or party activity …. or use them as an easy party favor.

Okay….if you REALLY can’t live without a Hershey kiss or candy conversation hearts, you can attach those to the envelope.

Purchase The Valentine’s Day Puzzles

Are you ready to make some Valentine’s puzzles for your kids today?  Click on the image below to pick them up at my store.

heart name puzzles for valentines day
printable name puzzle activities bundle

Do you prefer to shop at Teachers Pay Teachers? You can also purchase the Valentine’s Day Puzzles in my TPT Store.

Additional Name Puzzles

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