How to Use School Bus Personalized Name Puzzles for Name Recognition activities


Stop the bus! You have to check out these school bus themed personalized name puzzles that you can make for your kids. Not only are the name puzzles adorable, but they make great name recognition activities for preschool kids.

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How Do You Teach Name Recognition?

It usually takes a little bit of practice to teach kids to recognize their names. The good news is that kids are excited to learn about their name because it’s something that belongs to them. Their name has POWER. And, we all know that young kids LOVE themselves….and they LOVE ownership…and power.

Repeated Exposure

The best way to help kids develop name recognition is to give them repeated exposure to their written name through a variety of name activities.

Some of the best name recognition activities include

brightly colored school bus name puzzles

Learn the First Letter

The first step of name recognition is learning to recognize the first letter. So, as you do name activities with your kids, be sure to point out the first letter and the characteristics of that first letter.

  • Is the first letter tall or short?
  • Are there any holes in it?
  • Does it have straight lines or curved lines?
  • Does it have diagonal lines? Lines that go up and down? Lines that go side to side?

Encourage your kids to finger-trace the first letter so that they can really make a connection to what it looks like.

Learn the Other Letters In Their Name

As your kids begin to understand that their name always begins with that one special letter, start to point out the other letters in the name to help them with letter recognition. You will notice that in the beginning, kids may get their names mixed up with another friend’s name that starts with the first letter. Encourage them to examine how the other letters in their friend’s name may be different.

Use Name Puzzle for Name Recognition Activities

I have designed a lot of name puzzles for preschool name recognition activities. Let me show you how to use the school bus personalized name puzzle to make custom name recognition activities for your kids.

Like all of my printable name puzzles, the school bus puzzle set comes in two different styles. The first style has a big, bold, black font and can be used for a variety of name recognition activities and letter activities. This style looks stunning when printed on brightly colored paper.

yellow personalized school bus name puzzles for preschool name recognition activities

The second version has outlined fonts. It can be used for name recognition activities, but it can also be used for letter formation and name tracing activities

use crayon to color these personalized school bus name puzzles

Once you have prepped the personalized name puzzles and put the puzzle pieces in a labeled envelope, you are ready to begin working on name recognition. By the way… the puzzles are easy peasy to quickly personalize for an entire class.

store the name puzzles in personalized envelopes for easy recognition

Place the envelopes on a table and ask kids to look for their names. If they struggle. encourage them to look for the first letter of their name. If this is difficult for them, you can help them out by adding photos to the envelopes in the beginning.

Kids can get their bus puzzle pieces out of the envelope and put their puzzles together. As they learn the order of the letters in their names, they can use the label on the envelope as a cue.

What Teachers are saying:

Teachers who have used this resource are raving about it! Here is what they had to say after using it in their classroom:

This was an awesome back to school craft for my kiddos. They loved creating their own buses and spelling their names.
LeighAnn E.
My students enjoyed making their names with this resource. We put them up in the wall and they were very excited to see their names.
Lisa B.

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