Make Custom Printable Name Puzzles for the Whole Year


Use these fun printable name puzzles for motivating and meaningful literacy activities for the entire year.

Why are Name Activities Important?

name puzzles for the whole year

It’s no secret that preschool kids love themselves. Little ones find any activity involving THEIR names to be extremely fun and motivating.

On the practical side, when preschoolers learn to recognize their names, they can identify their cubby or their shelf on the drying rack.  But most importantly, the skills of name recognition and name spelling are foundational literacy skills that will help kids understand how letters and sounds work.

printable name puzzle activities bundle
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What Can I Teach with Name Puzzles?

Every day I hear from excited teachers and parents who use my custom printable name puzzles.  My customer review are filled with people who tell me that kids LOVE using these personalized name puzzles. 

That’s why I love creating name puzzles!  I’m excited to tell you about my new bundle of 11 name puzzles for preschoolers.  You can use them all year long for fun and meaningful literacy activities!

Name Recognition

You can use these custom name puzzles to help kids learn name recognition.  The name puzzles include printable labels so that you can prep the puzzles and store them in a labeled envelope or plastic bag.  As kids begin to recognize their names, they can select their puzzle envelopes.  I like to encourage them to first look at the first letter of each name to find the correct one.

store the name puzzles in personalized envelopes for easy recognition

Soon, they will also begin to identify their classmates’ names.

Name Building

Let your kids use the label as a model so that they can practice constructing their names.  With practice, they will learn to construct their names without a model.  eventually, kids can begin to use the puzzles as a guide when they are ready to write their names.

dog activity name puzzles - store them in envelopes

Letter Recognition

As kids assemble their puzzles, talk about the letters that go together to create their names.  They can even use their finger to trace the letters to help them remember their shapes.

Here are some questions you can ask?

  • Which letter is first?
  • What letter is at the end?
  • How many letters make your name?
  • Does your friend have any of the same letters?
  • Can you find this letter somewhere else in the room?
  • Do any of the letters have tails? curves? diagonal lines?
  • Which letters are uppercase and which are lowercase?

Letter Formation

Each of the printable name puzzles in this bundle includes font options. You can print puzzle pieces with a dark, bold, black font or you can print an outline font. The outline font version is perfect for coloring and practicing letter formation.

letter formation activities with printable school bus name puzzles

Beginning Sounds

Encourage kids to listen to the beginning sound as you say their name.  Do any of their friends’ names have the same beginning sound?  Can you think of other words that start with that same sound?

beginning sound activities with ice cream printable name puzzles


After a child completes his or her puzzle, you can make it into a syllable activity.  Say their name and clap out the syllables.  For example, Gregory has 2 claps and Elizabeth has 4 claps.

printable train them name puzzles can be used for syllable activities


You can make a fun rhyming activity with the name puzzles.  Substitute the first letter puzzle piece in a name with another letter to create a new, rhyming name.  Be aware that this doesn’t work well with names that start with vowels and remember that some names could create questionable rhymes so think about this in advance.

example of rhyming activities with caterpillar printable name puzzles

Additional activities with the puzzles

Yes, you can use the puzzles for sooooo many name activities, but you can use the puzzle in so many other ways. Use your imagination. Let me give you some fun ideas.

Color words and Sorting Puzzles

The crayon name puzzles work great for this activity. Print up some puzzles on brightly colored paper. Instead of adding your kids’ names to the puzzle, customize them with the names of the colors.

use the custom name puzzles to learn color words

Puzzles for Sight Word or Spelling Word Practice

Use the editable name puzzles for hands-on sight word or spelling word practice.

use the custom name puzzle template to create sight word or spelling word activities. Here we see puzzles for the words see and look

Make Puzzle for High Interest or Thematic Words

You can create puzzles for any kind of word. Make a birthday puzzle or use them for seasonal or thematic words.

Make birthday banners with the printable name puzzles

Counting and number puzzles

Don’t limit yourself to names and words. You can use the puzzles for counting and number activities as well.

Add number to the school bus puzzles to make a number activity

Use the Puzzles for Patterning Activities

The train activity puzzles work really well to create patterning activities. Print several puzzles on different colors of paper. You can print letters on the puzzles or print blank puzzles.

train theme patterning activities for preschool

Make a Name Game

I made a fun elf-themed name game with the puzzles. I printed several elf name puzzles in different colors so that it’s easy for kids to sort the puzzle pieces.

Make a game with the printable name puzzles

After sorting the puzzles pieces, kids can use the labels as a reference to spell all the elves’ names.

make a game with the banner name puzzles

Puzzle Gifts

In addition to fun classroom activities, you can use the puzzles to make a custom and inexpensive gift for Valentine’s Day. The puzzles also make a great gift for Christmas, or birthdays.

Put the printable Valentine's Day name puzzle in an envelope to give it as a gift to your students

Make 11 Different Name Puzzles

The Name Puzzle Bundle in my store includes 11 themes.

The name puzzles can be easily customized with your kids’ names.  It’s like having 11 different name puzzle generators.

You can also purchase each of the thematic puzzles individually.

Crayon Name Puzzles

Crayon name puzzles are perfect for name practice at the beginning of the school year.  The complete custom puzzles are large and also work well on a bulletin board or as a hallway or door decor.

use editable crayon name puzzles for name practice activities with your preschoolers

School Bus Name Puzzles

The school bus name puzzles can be used for name activities at the beginning of the school year or at the end of the year to get kids excited about riding the kindergarten school bus.  They are also fun to use for a transportation theme or community helper theme.

yellow personalized school bus name puzzles for preschool name recognition activities

Pumpkin Patch Name Puzzles

These sweet pumpkin name puzzles are perfect for October, fall, and your pumpkin theme or Halloween theme.

pumpkin printable name puzzles

Turkey Name Puzzles

Use these turkey theme puzzles for name activities with a Thanksgiving twist.  You can also use this set to make some fun color-matching activities by printing blank turkeys in different colors.

Thanksgiving turkey printable name puzzles

Snowman Name Puzzles

Snowman name puzzles make fun literacy activities and you can use them to create a personalized addition to your snowman, winter, and holiday themes.

printable snowman name puzzles for name activities for preschool

Celebration Banner Name Puzzles

Use the custom celebration banner name puzzles to ring in the New Year or to celebrate birthdays and special occasions.

editable name practice puzzles

Heart Name Puzzle

These heart banner name puzzles will be a fun addition to your Valentine’s Day theme.  Print on red or pink paper and place a puzzle in a special envelope to create a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. You can use them to supplement a study on 2D shapes or as a sweet Mother’s Day gift too.

valentine's day puzzles for preschoolers

Caterpillar Name Puzzles

Are you looking for additional activities for your bug and insect theme?  Try these cute caterpillar name activities.

Use caterpillar name puzzles for name activities

Dog Name Puzzles

The dachshund name puzzles are one of my favorite designs.  Kids love to see their dog grow in length as it creates their name.

dog name activity puzzles for preschoolers

Train Name puzzles

The train name puzzles work well as a transportation theme activity, but you can also use them for a fun Polar Express activity.

train theme name activities for preschool

Ice Cream Name puzzles

Ice cream name puzzles work perfectly as an end-of-the-school-year or summer-themed activity.  My son thinks that ice cream is the perfect year-round treat, so don’t feel like you have to use this name activity during warm weather months.

printable ice cream name activity puzzles printed on brightly colored paper

Purchase the Name Puzzle Bundle

Are you ready to make custom printable name puzzles for your kids?  Stop by the store and purchase the bundle today.

printable name puzzle activities bundle

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