Use Wiener Dog Name Puzzles For Fun Dog Activities for Your Preschoolers


Are you looking for some fun dog activities for your preschoolers? These children’s name puzzles are so much fun because they are wiener dogs!

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I must admit that I am a cat lover, but these puzzles are still one of my favorite creations. How can you NOT smile when you see these dogs?

You can use these fun printable dachshund puzzles as a fun way to work on name recognition and name-building activities ….plus so much more with your preschoolers. Even If they aren’t a dog lover, young children will have a blast with this great dog-themed activity!

These dachshund name puzzles from my store are a fun way to help your kids learn to spell their names, learn to recognize their names, and learn letters.  You can also use it as a craft for you pet theme, but guess what…..your kids will be learning as they create.

I just know that your preschoolers will crack up when they put together these wiener dog puzzles….especially the really loooooong ones. What a blast!

What Preschool Teachers say About This Dog Activity:

My students loved spelling their name during our Pet week! They stayed on the shelf and were used over and over again! They even like spelling the names of their friends. Very cute! Thank you!

Jancy G.

Two Versions For More Dog Activity Possibilities

There are two versions of the cute printable name puzzles included with the resource.  The first has solid black letters and looks amazing when printed on brightly colored paper.

dog name activity puzzles for preschoolers

The second version has outlined letters that can be colored by your kids. This version works well for an easy dog craft or animal craft, or as a name tracing activity.

dog name puzzles for kids

Easy to Customize

Like all of my printable name puzzles, these wiener dog puzzles are super easy to customize.

To customize, all you need to do is

  1. Open the PDF document and add the letter of your kids’ names to the Class List Form.
  2. Use the Print Planner Page to help you easily determine which pages to print.
  3. Print the custom children’s name puzzles
  4. Cut the puzzle pieces out.
  5. The dog activity is ready to go!

See…. It’s easy peasy.

There is no need to install any special fonts, but the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download) is required for the editable document to work properly.

Each name puzzle will print on two pieces of paper.  Do you want to use the puzzles over and over again? You can laminate them before cutting them to make them extra durable.

As you cut out your puzzles, you may find some blank puzzle pieces.  Just throw them in your scrap paper box or recycling bin and put the remaining pieces together.

What Preschool Teachers say About This Dog Activity:

Love, love, love this product! So easy to use and works great with short and long names. My preschool students are crazy about putting together their wiener dog names!! And I love the different options and suggestions. I wish there was an A+ rating! Thanks!

Elizabeth McCarter.

How to Organize and Store your Dog Name puzzles

The set also includes cut, printable dog bone name labels.  Attach the labels to envelopes of plastic bags and then store puzzle pieces inside.

dog activity name puzzles - store them in envelopes

Use the Name Puzzles for A Cute & Inexpensive Gift

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive, but useful & educational gift for your preschoolers? Prep some of these dog puzzle printables, place them in a nice envelope, and voila….. you have a great open house gift, birthday gift, or just because gift.

How to Differentiate the Name Activity for Children

You can also use the labels to help you differentiate the activity.

  • In the beginning, show your kids how to use the label for reference as they place the letter puzzle pieces in the correct order
  • As kids start to remember the order of letters in their names, challenge them to put the puzzle together without the visual cue.
  • Once kids master their own name, challenge them to put a friend’s puzzle together
  • Kids can also work on letter formation by finger-tracing the letters on the puzzle pieces, making the letters in a salt tray, or writing their names on a piece of paper.

Additional Ideas For the Preschool Dog Activity

Here are a few additional ideas for using this resource.

  • Cutting Practice – Prep the pet-themed printables and let your kids cut out their own puzzles
  • Cut and Paste – Glue the puzzle pieces onto long pieces of paper or sentence strips.
  • Sight Words or Spelling Words – Instead of customizing the puzzles with names…use words.
  • Bulletin Boards or Hallway Decor

What Preschool Teachers say About This Dog Activity:

My kiddos loved getting to put together their names for our All About Me Unit. We partnered the dog puzzles with the book My Big Dog and a discussion about the animals we had at home for pets..”

Alisha l.

Get Started With FUN Dog Activities for Your Preschoolers Today

To start making a set of cute wiener dog name puzzles for your class today, pick up the resource in my store.

printable name puzzle activities bundle

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