How to Make a Space Dramatic Play Area


Are you looking for some fun, play-based ways to add science learning into your classroom?  Why not transform your dramatic play area into a space theme.  With these ideas, your little astronauts will be blasting off in no time.

space station dramatic play area.  A space ship made from a large cardboard box.

I had so much fun setting up this pretend space station. Your kids will have so much fun as they learn about space and pretend to be astronauts. Let me show you how to create your own space dramatic play area.

space station dramatic play area
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Create a Mission Control Center

You can’t have a space mission without a mission control center.  You can easily set up mission control with a table and a couple of chairs.  Add some keyboards, computer monitors, old laptops, phones, headphones,etc.  Get out your plastic bottle cap collection and use it to create knobs, buttons, and dials.

A printable mission control for a space dramatic play center

Kids can also create a flight plan and map out the mission in this area.

A printable flight plan for a space dramatic play center

Make a Rocket

Now, all you need is a rocket.  You seriously don’t need anything fancy to create a rocket or space station.  You can use a large cardboard box, a designated space in the corner of the room, or space under a table.

I recently replaced a dishwasher, so we made a rocket from the box.  I cut one of the sides out and cut a couple of portholes so that little astronauts can look out.  Kids can use their imagination to make pretty much anything, so you don’t have stress yourself out about making it look just right.  I used a gray plastic table cloth and some silver duct tape to cover the outside.

How to make a space station from a large cardboard box - props for a space station dramatic play area.

A rocket needs a control panel.  Create one with plastic milk caps, foam shapes, or use a printable control panel.  Reinforce number recognition by adding numbers to some of the buttons.  Kids love hitting the buttons as they countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BLASTOFF!!  It’s also really fun to shake the rocket as it blasts off into space.

A rocket control panel make with a printable and bottle caps for a space station dramatic play center

You don’t want things floating around in the rocket.  Use hook and loop tape to attach tools, food, clipboards, and crayons to the walls.

A space station dramatic play area - a rocket made from a cardboard box

Don’t let unauthorized personnel in your rocket, so a fingerprint scanner and a number pad are a good idea.  Have fun creating your rocket!

A printable fingerprint and number keypad for a space dramatic play area

Dress Up Clothing

Of course, you can buy astronaut costumes and helmets to use in the pretend play area.  Here are a couple of ideas that are friendlier on the budget.  A large white t-shirt can totally work as a spacesuit.  If you want to make it a bit fancier, add strips of silver tape or a flag.  Inexpensive disposable painting coveralls work really well too.

Remember that Velcro was first used in space.  Use some to attach tools to the spacesuits.

Astronaut dress up clothes for a space dramatic play center

Your little astronauts might want to take a space excursion and may need a jet pack to help them get around.  Check out my tutorial to learn how to use duct tape and two empty two-liter bottles to make a cool DIY jetpack.

A DIY jetpack - a prop for a space dramatic play center.

Space Food

Kids may enjoy helping you make space food for their trips.  You can use felt, torn colored paper, bits of foam, or pom-poms.

Pretend space food made from foam for a space dramatic play area
Pretend astronaut food hanging on the wall of a pretend space station in a dramtic play area

Research Lab

Space missions usually involve some type of research.  Your kids can study materials that have come from space (moon rocks, meteorites, or soil from a planet).  They can also study plants or animals that have grown in space.

You can make moon rocks by balling up a piece of aluminum foil.  Make it more dense and smooth by hitting it with a mallet.  Want to make some moon rocks that are a little bit heavier?  Cover some rocks with foil.

How to make space rocks with fool and a wooden hammer - props for a space dramatic play set up

Provide a scale, magnifying glasses, measuring tapes, & tweezers/tongs.

A balance scale, magnifying glass, and pretend space rocks in a space dramatic play center

Kids can examine, weigh, measure, and sort the rocks.

Moon rock sorting sheets for a space station dramatic play center

Astronaut Training

Every astronaut needs training.  You can set up an area that is perfect for your little astronauts in training.  You can provide books so that they can learn all about space and the solar system.  They can work on learning how to use equipment like grabber tools.  You can also provide exercise equipment like light hand weights and jump ropes in this area so that they can get their bodies in shape.

A box of non-fiction space books, pretend space rocks, and a toy grabber in a space theme dramatic play area


While the astronauts are training they can study the night sky in a DIY observatory.  Of course, you will probably have to make a night sky.  But, this can be easily made by attaching star cutouts to a black poster board or a black table cloth.  Kids can use cardboard tubes as telescopes.

Extension: Add a literacy component to this activity by writing names or letters on the stars.  Kids can then use a telescope to search for their name or for letters in their name.

A printable telescope made from a paper towel tube - a prop for a space dramatic play area

Rocket Building and Testing

Provide some building materials like blocks and recyclables so that kids can design and make rockets.  They can also make little straw rockets and run test flights with them.

Printable rockets to use in a space station dramatic play center

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space station dramatic play area

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Do you prefer to shop at Teachers Pay Teachers? You can also purchase the space station dramatic play printables in my TPT Store.

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