Make Simple Printable Rockets and Watch Excitement Soar


Your kids can easily launch these fun free printable rockets with a simple straw. Lots of ideas for science and STEM learning are included.

Kids will have a blast creating and launching their own straw rockets with this free printable.  The printable rockets are part of my Space Dramatic play set, but they are currently available for free. 

easy printable rocket for kids

The rockets will serve as a fun space-themed craft activity and also great science activity!

Assemble the Straw Rockets

To create the rockets, you will need the following supplies:

  • heavy paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • tape
  • plastic straws (bendy or straight)

You can print the rockets on white cardstock and your kids can decorate and color them, or you can print them on colored paper.

The printable includes a rectangle for each rocket.  Be sure to cut those rectangles out along with the rockets.  Your kids might need some help with cutting and assembly.

After cutting out the rockets and rectangles, place a rocket on the table with the print facing down.  Place a drinking straw in the middle of the rocket and place a rectangle on top of the straw.  Tape the long edges of the rectangle to the back of the rocket. It should look like a little tunnel for your straw just like the picture below.

how to add a straw to the printable rocket

Now, tape the top of the tunnel to the back of the rocket as shown below. Make sure that the top and sides are secure so that no air will leak through.

how to assemble the simple rocket printable with a straw

Blast Off!

Finally, kids can place a straw in the pouch and blow through the straw to blast off their rocket.

Encourage Experimentation

Encourage kids to experiment as they play.  Here are a few ideas:

Different Angles:  If kids are using bendy straws, encourage them to launch the rocket using different angles on the staw. How does this impact the launch?  How does this impact the trajectory or the distance of the flight?

Different Breaths:  Show kids how they can use different types of breaths to launch the rocket (short & quick, long & deep, slow, etc).  Does a change in their breath affect the rocket launch and flight?

Target Practice:  Create a target so that your kids can work on aim, trajectory, and distance.  You can use a hula hoop (hang one from the ceiling or lay on it on the floor), a foam noodle taped in a circle, or a square taped onto the floor or wall for target practice.

Highest Contest:  Challenge two kids at a time to see who can get their rocket to fly the highest.

printable rocket with a hope made from a pool noodle and stars


You can also extend the rocket activity to encourage your little scientists to improve the existing design….or they can design a new rocket.

Adding Weight:  Kids can use the scientific method to find ways to make their rockets fly better.  One way that they might be able to improve a rocket is by adding some weight to it.  Give them some materials that they can add/attach to their rockets.  Here are some material ideas:

  • paper clips
  • little balls of putty
  • steamers or ribbons
  • tape

What do they think might happen?  What actually happened?  Why do you think that happened?  What changes can they make to make the rocket fly better?

Create a DIY Rocket:  After experimenting with and observing the launch and flights of these printable rockets, kids can create their own version of the straw rocket.  Let them use a variety of materials like:

  • tape and glue
  • cardstock
  • cardboard
  • straws
  • scissors
  • bottlecaps
  • ribbon
  • toothpicks
  • cotton swabs

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