How to Easily Make a DIY Jet Pack for Pretend Play


This DIY jet pack will be perfect for your space-themed dramatic play area. Learn how to easily make a jet pack with a few inexpensive supplies.

Your little astronauts will have so much fun blasting through space with these jet packs.  Even if you are not crafty, it’s super easy to make a DIY jet pack….a perfect addition to your science center or space-themed dramatic play area.

Make a DIY jet pack

Start with 2-liter Bottles

A couple of empty, clear 2-liter bottles can serve as the fuel tanks for the jet packs.  There is no need to get out the spray paint.  Just tape them together with some silver duct tape.

Make your own DIY jetpack.

Additional Supplies for Your Jet Pack

In addition to the 2-liter bottles and duct tape, you will need a piece of cardboard.  A square or rectangular piece that is slightly smaller than the taped bottles is perfect.

Additional supplies for your DIY jetpack.

Make Straps

You can use duct tape to make straps.  I folded them in half lengthwise.

Fold your duct tape for your DIY jetpack straps.

Then, you can use more duct tape to attach the straps to the piece of cardboard.

Attach your straps to your cardboard for your DIY jetpack.

Attach the straps to the tank with another band of duct tape or with hot glue. You can also add controls to the front of the straps for your little astronauts.

Putting it all together: Your DIY jetpack.

Add Flames

You can use many different materials to add pretend flames to your jet packs.  I used felt, but you can use streamers, plastic table cloth strips, or paper.  You don’t need a pattern.  I just cut some points on the bottom of pieces of felt.  I did not do a very neat job, but when I rolled them up and stuffed them in the opening of the bottles…..they look great.  You can hot glue them in place so that they don’t fall out.

Making flames for your DIY jetpack.

The Finished DIY Jet Pack

That’s all there is to it!  Now you can pat yourself on the back for making this easy DIY project.  I hope that your little preschool astronauts enjoy playing with their jet packs.

Put it all together to finish your DIY jetpack.

Purchase the Printables

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space station dramatic play area

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